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Why Fernando Alonso is the perfect deal for Aston Martin

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Fernando Alonso set to replace Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin in 2023. Photo: PlanetF1
  • Fernando Alonso is set to replace the departing Sebastian Vettel in 2023 at Aston Martin
  • The current Alpine driver will stay with Aston Martin for two years according to the deal
  • There might have been several choices to choose from, but none of them would impact the team compared to Alonso

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso is set to replace Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin.

It has long been believed that an F1 driver can never be unsure. Nigel Mansell, according to a former colleague, never took more than 20 seconds to peruse through a restaurant menu because he made decisions so quickly. It is merely a part of the job description.

And it looks like Alonso’s abrupt transition is no different. We are led to believe Sebastian Vettel may have not even informed his employers about the retirement plan.

However, Lawrence Stroll has secured a new partner for his son Lance as a partner in the upcoming 2023 season.

Alonso and Lance Stroll will be perfect match at Aston Martin

In the press statement, Fernando Alonso and Stroll stated that they had known one another “for many years.” For our reaction story, we did not have to look far to find a photo showing them smiling and embracing each other on the square in Jeddah this year.

In addition to the personal compatibility, this appears like a perfect professional match as well.

Alpine's driver Fernando Alonso.

Alpine’s driver Fernando Alonso. Autosport

Stroll Sr. has been open about his ambitious aspirations for Aston Martin. In the following years, he expects them to be competitors for the World Championship, but they may have advanced more slowly than he had hoped.

They are second to last in the Constructors championship standings this season.

Stroll Junior, on the other hand, is unlikely to carry the club to victory. Three podium finishes, Pole position, and his talent for being quick on his day proves he is not a competent racer.

He appears to lack the natural talent needed to stand out at the top level since he is inconsistent.

Thus, Aston Martin needs a leader if they want to advance to actually competing with top teams like Red Bull.

Alonso  possesses the traits of agood leader

A leader in the same mould as Alonso. Aston Martin was hoping to keep Vettel a little longer to help the team succeed. However,their hopes were cut short by the German driver’s decision to retire.

The issue was that, despite his enormous accomplishment and knowledge, Sebastian Vettel seemed to have lost much of the love for life he formerly had.

He has contributed excellent knowledge and experience, but what about his desire to experience additional golden days? His societal and environmental activism could have been a distraction as well.

On the other side, Alonso is still driven to triumph. He is still a true racer; at 41, his hunger for victory may perhaps be great.

In fact, based on their performance since he moved to the team in 2021, Alpine has fallen short of that.

Aston Martin must climb the ladder and needs somebody of Alonso’s calibre to do it because they lack the heritage and illustrious pedigree of teams like Ferrari.

Alonso is the exact driver that is needed to match an expensive, gleaming new factory and the hiring of elite talent from other teams.

Alonso will have bigger impact on the team than other candidates

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso. Photo: Skysports

They could have chosen Mick Schumacher, who the departing Sebastian Vettel prefered, Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon or their reserve driver, but none of those three has nearly the same impact.

What does that mean in other places on the grid, then? Well, it may be a blow for Alpine. But it is not the end of the road.

In fact, it helps them out since Esteban Ocon appears to be almost ready to take over as their No. 1, and Oscar Piastri is positioned to replace him.

They are no longer concerned about where they will find a place for their enormous Australian rookie talent.

If, as anticipated, they do away with Nicholas Latifi. It will impliy that Williams, who had been associated with getting Piastri on loan, may wait their turn rather than being forced into a choice about seeking someone to join Albon.

Naturally, Alonso is in the offseason of his Formula One career. Even if his employment with Aston Martin only lasts for two years, he is expected to set a variety of insight records during that period.

He has the ability to lead them in the direction they want to go while also possibly trying to satisfy his wants. And while being brief, this union appears to have great potential.


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