Inside the secretive life of commentator Christine Still gymnastics

Christine Still gymnastics
Christine Still. Photo/Park Wrekin Gymnastics
  • Christine Still’s personal life is a big mystery
  • Her age range estimates, 60s, are on the grounds that she started her career as a professional coach in 1972
  • Still has over 45 years in the gymnastics field as a trainer and a decorated commentator

With an impressive career record spanning over 44 years, she rightfully deserves this title; Christine Still gymnastics.

Her age remains unknown but she is in her 60s and going strong. The lack of public knowledge about her age always sparks speculation and she’s never caved in to pressure to reveal her real age.

Nevertheless, she is as good as her job comes at BBC Sports. She wields decades of experience and this is why she has a strong bond with her fans for decades.

What’s for sure is that Still has an interesting life as you’ll see.


Christine Still gymnastics

Christine Still. Photo/Shropshire Star

Still is a British commentator and gymnastic figure recognized as an instructor and an impeccable commentator. She is a member of the British Olympic Association.

Her famous tag – Christine Still gymnastics – comes from her lifelong career. It spans the majority of both her lifetime and her professional career.

She is a very well-known figure in the world of gymnastics. She coached a number of gymnasts who won medals in the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.

She rose to prominence as a web personality due to rich commentary on gymnastics competitions, especially during the Olympics.


There is a reasonable possibility that Christine Still is older than 60 years old. However, at this time, neither her precise age nor the date on which she was born is known.

Her age range estimates are on the grounds that she began her career as a professional coach in 1972. This brings it to 49 years ago. Besides her insights on TV, she carved the now-famous Christina Still gymnastics brand decades back.

She trained aggressively and passively for long and won the hearts of many back in the day.  Still was definitely a gymnast per excellence but instead of competing, she chose to become an instructor. She taught others how to do gymnastics, and later on, she also chose to start commentating on the sport.

Training is part of her legacy having done that for over 40 years. Her training portfolio includes illustrious medalists.


Christine Still’s husband, Colin Still, is the national coach for the British Gymnastics Association. Christine and Colin Still have been married for a very long period.

Information of how they first met, is sketchy but they are still together decades later. However, considering the fact that they are both in the field of gymnastics coaching at a professional level, it is likely they met in these circles.

They would then click and things took a love trajectory, hypothetically. But, there is not even the slightest amount of information on whether or not they have children. And if they do, they kept their life so private that no one knows how many children they have.

Christine Still gymnastics and her husband faced a real test years back after multiple complaints of abuse by a former gymnast. According to these allegations, the Stills allegedly subjected subject the complainant to physical violence and abuse.

The controversy did not only affect the couple but the entire British Gymnast association which was accused of mistreating gymnasts and physically abusing them.

Christine Still.

Christine Still. Photo/Shropshire Star

In addition to this, the gymnasts added that they had to deal with a significant amount of sexual harassment and body shaming.

The majority of the accusation was directed at Colin and Christin because Colin was the head coach and Christin was also a coach at the institution.

The couple joined the bandwagon of a growing trend for athletes sparking controversy over sexual harassment or abuse. Nonetheless, she weathered this storm gracefully especially because she keeps her life so private.


Her actual income earnings and net worth remain a closely guarded secret. But, in light of the fact that she is undeniably a seasoned trainer, we might speculate that her annual income is well in excess of one million dollars.

According to reports, the typical pay range for a BBC commentator is greater than $150,000.

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