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Who invented the 619 move in pro wrestling?

Rey Mysterio
Who invented the 619 move in pro wrestling? Photo/ The SportsRush
  • The 619 is arguably one of the best moves in pro wrestling history. It is easier to perform 619, which is popular with Rey Mysterio. 
  • Many wrestling fans think that Rey Mysterio is the one who invented 619 in wrestling. However, Tiger Mask deserves credit as the inventor of the move.
  • Tiger Mask used a slightly different variation of the move during his pro wrestling days in the 1980s in Japan. 

619 is arguably one of the best moves in pro wrestling. WWE superstar Rey Mysterio is famous for using the move on his opponents in the ring. 

Rey Mysterio forces his opponent onto the ropes and then performs a two-footed spinning kick to their face while grasping the top and middle ropes.

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio performing 619 move. Photo/ The SportsRush.

The move is not difficult to try; however, making it perfect as Mysterio does is the real deal. It takes trust and accurate timing to make the action look good. 

Rey Mysterio is not the original creator of the 619 move. During an interview with Sony Sports India, the Mexican wrestler confirmed that he only modified the move that was first brought to pro wrestling by Tiger Mask. 

Tiger Mask used a slightly different variation of the 619 move during his pro wrestling days in the 1980s. Rey Mysterio decided to start using the move when he saw Super Astro perform it in the ring. 

Super Astro was one of Rey Mysterio’s favourite wrestlers. The Mexican wrestling legend often teamed up with Mysterio’s uncle, Rey Mysterio Sr. 

“The move actually has been modified, but the originator is Tiger Mask. Tiger Mask did it in the 80s in Japan, and then I saw it for the first time in person with one of my favourite wrestlers of all time, Super Astro, who was also from Mexico, and he would always team up with my uncle.” 

Before joining WWE, Rey Mysterio used other finisher moves at ECW and WCW. However, the Lucha libre wrestler is now synonymous with the 619 move worldwide. 

Rey Mysterio has won several WWE matches while using the move. He has also been able to perform the move when fighting stronger wrestlers like The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. 

Rey Mysterio has even modified the move in recent years as he performs it with his son Dominik. The 47-year-old introducing wrestling fans to his version of the 619 will be one of his greatest accolades. 

Tiger Mask’s invented the 619 

Tiger Mask takes the credit for inventing the 619 move in professional wrestling. However, the legendary Japanese wrestler also borrowed the idea from somewhere else. 

Tiger Mask

Tiger Mask invented 619 move. Photo/ Space Flying Tiger Blog.

Tiger Mask adopted the gimmick from a Japanese manga series and decided to use it during his time as a professional wrestler. Mask wrestled all over the world as the character in the Japanese series. 

He, however, started using the move consistently in the ring during his time in Japan. The legendary wrestler could pull off a dive fakeout spot on his opponent in the ring during the 1980s.

Rey Mysterio modified the move by forcing his opponent onto the ropes and using the momentum he gathered to swing around before kicking them. 

Just like Rey Mysterio, Tiger Mask also wore a mask covering his face while performing in the ring. The Japanese wrestler achieved success during his pro wrestling days, where he won several titles, including the WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship. 

Why do they call it 619?

Every good finishing move becomes more impressive when christened with superb titles. Rey Mysterio wanted his signature move to leave behind a legacy, which is one of the reasons why he named it after his area code. 

Rey Mysterio came up with the name 619 as a way of paying tribute to his roots. The WWE superstar was born and raised in San Diego, California, and 619 is the area code of the town where Rey Mysterio grew up. 

Rey Mysterio naming the legendary move 619 shows he has no intentions of forgetting the area he grew up in. 

Other wrestlers using the move may use their own area code when referring to it. However, professional wrestlers who use the move risk being referred to as clones or copycats by fans who know Rey Mysterio. 

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