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Why Michael Jordan earned nothing from $10m documentary

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan. Photo/ Bleacher Report
  • Michael Jordan amassed millions from ‘The Last Dance’
  • The popular documentary series earned Disney over $10 million
  • The buzz surrounding “The Last Dance” began immediately after its debut

The Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls are among the most legendary teams in the NBA.

The same can be said about ‘The Last Dance’ the level of which the media hyped it to be was ridiculous. Disney hit the jackpot with this 10-part documentary series about a legendary family.

A global audience of millions saw the documentary on Jordan and the legendary Chicago Bulls. With Jordan as the main attraction, the billionaire made a sizable profit. Or so it might seem to an outsider.

The buzz surrounding “The Last Dance” began immediately after its debut. The film was the most popular of its kind and focused on one of the sport’s all-time greats. The Disney documentary broke records for viewership.

Viewers were swooning over every show. There were nearly five million viewers for every single show. The popular documentary series earned Disney over $10 million.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan net worth has grown over the years. Photo/CNN

It comes as a surprise that Jordan will bring in zero paper. It was for a good cause, though, and that helped to establish the NBA legend’s credibility outside of basketball.

This is why Michael Jordan didn’t cash in on his biggest hit. It was still accurate, too. The six-time NBA winner made a stunning $4 million from this documentary.

When all the numbers are tallied, he comes out ahead exactly zero. In other words, he will donate the entire amount. There is, however, a major explanation for this.

Throughout the documentary series, Jordan was portrayed as a mean player for his squad. His competitive drive made him harsh to his teammates. Jordan’s kindness is well-known off the court, however.

His generosity stands out the most. In a similar vein, he is spending the ‘Last Dance’ proceeds on this very purpose.

While admirable, this is not Jordan’s first trip of this kind. The five-time MVP promised $100 million to end racism at a time when social upheaval in the United States was at a peak.

Not only that. Make-A-Wish, the Special Olympics, and the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of America are just a few of the many groups that Jordan has collaborated with. ‘His Airness’ has already given $10 million to improve the poor’s healthcare access.

His selflessness is one of the reasons he is so revered around the world. He consistently demonstrates how to maximize the positive impact of his platform, and it’s one of his many selfless deeds.

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Although he was known for his propensity to gambling away his fortune, the ex-Chicago Bulls NBA star has a net worth of $2.2 billion. After spending decades crafting NBA history, his work has left him with a fortune, which he has invested well.

What’s more startling is the $90 million he made during his whole NBA career. On the other hand, he has successfully leveraged his revenue streams, such as endorsements and sponsorship deals, to amass a billion-dollar empire.

Fifteen years after his retirement, Michael Jordan is still unrivalled in basketball history. After 15 years in the NBA, he won six titles with the Chicago Bulls.

The American played a significant role in boosting NBA popularity overseas in the ’80s and ’90s. In 1984, the Bulls drafted Jordan third overall, and he immediately became a superstar for the team.

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