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Federico Chiesa biography and net worth

Federico Chiesa
Federico Chiesa. Photo/Juventus
  • Federico Chiesa started playing football when he was five years old
  • He comes from a football family, his father Enrico Chiesa being a former professional footballer
  • He played for Fiorentina for more than a decade before moving to Juventus

The Italian professional footballer Federico Chiesa is the son of the late player Enrico Chiesa, who also played the sport professionally. He is a winger for Italy’s national team as well as the Serie A club Juventus he plays for. He is a gifted winger who is quick on his feet and puts in a lot of effort.

Federico comes from the kind of family that lives and breathes football. This is due to the fact that Federico’s father was a football player. As a result of this, it is important to point out that the then-passion youngster’s for the sport was hereditary and had been nurtured by his father, who saw prospects in him, as well as by his mother, who was a fan of her husband’s football activities and coaching.

Federico Chiesa Biography

Full Name

Federico Chiesa

Source of wealth




Place of Birth






Date of birth

October 25 1997



Marital Status


Federico chiesa

Federico Chiesa. Photo/LiveScore

Early Life

He spent his childhood in Florence, located in Italy, together with his younger sister Adriana and a brother named Lorenzo. He is the older of his two siblings. Federico, started playing football when he was just two years old—around the same time that he learned how to walk.

The fact that he started playing football at a young age was not due to his inability to participate in other sports during his upbringing. It was more of a question of genetics than anything else because he comes from an affluent family background that is completely immersed in football. This is due to the football engagements of Federico’s father, Enrico. He was a professional football player back in the day.


At the age of five, Federico Chiesa enrolled in the youth program of the local club US Settignanese, in Florence. It was close to his family’s residence at the time. He later joined Fiorentina academy after three years – in 2007.

While still involved with the local club, his parents insisted that he start his formal education at the International School of Florence. It’s one of the oldest international schools in all of Europe.

This new endeavor went down with the intention of ensuring that Federico got a prosperous future. It was regardless of whether or not his career in football became a success. Federico brought them joy by doing well in his studies and even went on to pursue a degree in sports science at the university level much later.

However, Federico did not lack in any of his football commitments. In point of fact, he never failed to bring up the fact that his father always urged him to put effort into his workouts.

Because of this, the young Federico’s climb through the ranks of Fiorentina was rapid and well-deserved. He proved many that he deserved the position besides coming from a well-off background. He played for this club until 2020.

Chiesa then signed a loan agreement with Juventus in October 2020, for a period of two years. The terms of the agreement included a loan payment of €3 million ($3) for the first season. It included a loan payment of €7 million ($7) for the second season. Additionally, the agreement included a conditional obligation to buy Chiesa for €40 million plus €10 million in variables. Chiesa made his debut for Juventus in October 2020.

Federico Chiesa

Federico Chiesa. Photo/SpotMob

Personal Life

Moving on to the love life of Federico Chiesa, he had two girlfriends but he did not father any children with any of them. First, there was the stunning Caterina Ciabatti, whom he befriended in the year 2017.

Soon after, they started sharing a home in Tuscany on the riverbank of the Arno. Late in 2018, the two lovers who appeared to have the perfect romantic relationship broke up. A few months later, in 2019, Federico started a romantic relationship with Benedetta Quagli. They made their romance public by posting images of themselves having fun together on Instagram.


1. How much is Federico Chiesa worth?

§  $12 million

2. How much is Federico Chiesa’s salary?

§  $5.2 million

3. Which team does Chiesa support?

§  Juventus

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