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Tiger Woods’ fresh controversy of ‘sleeping with several men’

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tiger woods erica herman breakup
Tiger Woods. Photo/The New York Post
  • Tiger Woods is the eye of a storm following fresh claims of rolling in the hay with multiple men
  • His ex-girlfriend Erica Herman sued him in December 2022
  • A whistleblower says Wood loves it both ways

Award-winning golfer Tiger Woods is the eye of a storm following fresh claims of rolling in the hay with multiple men amid an ongoing suit with his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman after a nasty breakup.

These details came to the fore as the pro-golfer battles a legal suit he is currently embroiled in with Herman.


Cruelty and a feeling of promiscuity are behind Tiger Woods Erica Herman breakup. In December 2022, Herman, then 38, filed a $30 million lawsuit, claiming that Woods, then 47, used deceit and cruelty to evict her from a Florida mansion. The two had been living together for the last five years. She moved in with Woods in 2017 and all seemed fine until the suit filing in December 2022.

Herman seeks to have the non-disclosure agreement they signed at the outset of their relationship revoked in the civil suit.  He has, however, denied all this saying it is untrue.

Tiger woods Erica herman breakup

Tiger Woods with his ex-girlfriend Erica herman breakup. Photo/CNN


As this unfolded, there were fresh claims that the renowned golfer, who divorced his ex-wife Elin Nordegren over claims of adultery also sleeps with men.

An unknown college student made accusations against Woods. The Student according to Ace Showbiz said that his uncle worked for Woods as a caddie. The young man revealed in an interview with Instagram user Yellow Duck that his uncle who he identified as Joe LaCava had told him tales of how Woods had relationships with various men.

“My uncle was actually (Woods’) caddy for like 15 years. They go everywhere together. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. My uncle has told me stories … [Tiger] hooked up with a lot of women. But not only did he hook up with women, but he also hooked up with dudes,” the student told Yellow Duck.

He confidently labeled as ambidextrously effective because he swings both ways.  Interestingly, the student said only a few people knew about this and Nike who sponsored Nike knew about it all along but swept it under the carpet.

With a $1 billion business, the ‘whistleblower’ student said that Nike has the liberty to control the narrative. The fir never came clean on this because Woods was and still is a big face of the PGA. His popularity is worth much more than just going all out with his bedroom fantasies.

Asked if his uncle ever had a romantic relationship with Woods, he said he couldn’t get to that but the whole thought is conceivable.  It could also be one of the reasons behind Tiger Woods Erica Herman breakup.


Tiger Woods remains unmarried since he divorced Elin Nordegreen in what became the most expensive divorces in American history. Nordegreen won the divorce case in August 2010 and was awarded $100 million after spending six years with the pro golfer.

Her monthly child support every month is $20,000. Pundits argue that Wood’s promiscuity cost him this fortune. With the ongoing legal battle with Herman, it is also likely that he went back to his old ways and triggered the deceit she is referring to in the case.

Tiger Woods Elina Nordegreen

Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegreen. Photo/People


Nordegreen and Woods had two kids together, a daughter Sam Alexis Woods and a son Charlie Axel Woods.  The two are still close friends despite their terrible divorce and infidelity problems. Woods once referred to Nordegren as his best friend more than five years after their divorce.

The 46-year-old athlete talked about his failed marriage and claimed that since then, things had gotten better between them. On the other hand, Tiger Woods Erica Herman breakup is getting worse.


With a $325 billion fortune from golf, Tiger Wood runs several, high investment businesses. One of them is the Woods Jupiter, a world-class restaurant in Florida which Erica Herman managed as the general manager.

She was so good at her job that Woods put total trust in her to run the multi-million-dollar investment.  With the fresh controversy on sleeping with men, it dents his success as an 82-time PGA champion. His breakup and NDA contestation by Herman doesn’t arouse the controversy half as much as ‘swinging both sides’ does.

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