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Andy Murray Kim Sears
Andy Murray with his wife Kim Sears. Photo/The Telegraph
  • Andy Murray’s wife Kim Sears is the definition of women power
  • He first met her at a US Open match in 2005
  • She had accompanied her father who was at the time the WTA president

Andy Murray wife Kim Sears is the definition of women power projected through the powerful tennis lenses. All this is thanks to her famous husband, Murray the British tennis champion.

The couple met in 2005 at the U.S Open. They dated for nine years and got engaged in 2014, and they have three daughters together. In addition, they married in April 2015 at Dunblane Cathedral in Scotland.


Andy Murray wife Kim Sears

Andy Murray wife Kim Sears. Photo/Business Insider

Andy Murray wife Kim Sears is a British painter and television personality. She is known for her paintings of dogs, exhibited in galleries and sold to private collectors. Sears also appeared as a host and commentator on various television shows related to tennis, including the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon.

Additionally, she is known for her appearances in the stands during her husband’s matches when he was still an active player. Sears is mainly known for her marriage to Murray, considered one of the greatest British tennis players of all time.

Sears was and still is a familiar figure in the stands at her husband’s matches, which helped to increase her visibility as an entrepreneur and tennis star’s wife. Thus, she is a darling to the media due to her art exploits and celebrity status.


Kim Sears was born on January 21, 1986, which makes her 37 years old. She was born and raised in the small town of East Sussex, England, and she grew up in a family of artists.

Her father is and always was father a professional painter, and her mother is an art teacher. She has said in interviews that her love for art and painting developed at a young age, as she was exposed to the creative works of her parents and grandparents.

Andy Murray wife Kim Sears spent most of her childhood and teenage years in East Sussex and later went to study at the University of Sussex. She majored in fine arts, which the varsity is famed for, among other artistic courses.


Sears is British, having grown up in East Sussex, England.  Besides her painting job, she is a prolific TV guest appearing on various television shows related to tennis, including the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon. Her presence in these shows and her creative background makes her a Brit in every way, shape and form.


Murray and Sears are still an item 18n years after their first encounter in 2005 at the US Open in New York. They took courted for nine years before Murray engaged her and married her one year later. That is why Andy Murray wife Kim Sears love story remains a powerful tale of commitment and resilience.  Sear’s father Nigel Sears actually introduced her daughter to Murray in 2005 when she was only 17. Nigel was the Women’s Tennis Association’s president at the time and liked Murray. His daughter often accompanied him to different Grand Slam tournaments, which is how she met the love of her life.

The two lovebirds quickly fell for each other but split in 2007 after sharing an affectionate moment in 2006 when Murray won his first championship. But their love won, and they reconciled and have been together ever since.


Andy Murray Kim Sears

Andy Murray Kim Sears. Photo/Evening Standard

Kim Sears is not a professional tennis player. She is a British painter and television personality. Many people assume she is a tennis player due to her hosting and commentator gigs on various television shows related to tennis, including the BBC.

She is indeed a tennis pundit but not a player. In fact, her love for tennis sank deeper after meeting her husband Murray back in the day at Flushing Meadows in New York. Her presence in hundredths of matches also contributes to the notion that she is a tennis player.  However, she is always in the stands to cheer on her husband and the father of her four children.


Like many professional athletes, Andy Murray chooses not to wear a wedding ring during competitions for various reasons. One reason is that the ring could cause injury while playing, as it could get caught on equipment or get in the way during play.

Additionally, some athletes may choose not to wear a ring during competition to minimize distractions and maintain a level of focus on the game.

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