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Caster Semenya wife got this dowry before marriage

Caster Semenya wife
Caster Semenya wife Violet Raseboya. Photo by 24News Online
  • Caster Semenya wife goes by the name Violet Raseboya
  • They married in 2008 after dating for eight years
  • Semenya keeps her family away from the public eye

How much do you know about Caster Semenya wife Violet Raseboya since the former always makes headlines?

Raseboya is a pillar of strength for Semenya, a globally acclaimed athlete. The two dated for so long before tying the knot in 2015.

The Olympic champion leads a quiet life. She keeps her family away from the public eye much as she is a celebrated athlete. She is a middle-distance runner and won South Africa a gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Her marriage also ruffled many feathers and sparked controversy as she settled for her lesbian partner. She cared less as her critics had a field day bashing her.

Semenya is an intersex woman who possesses both sexes. She has internal testes and XY chromosomes. She had to submit to sex testing after winning the 2009 World Championships.

World Athletics gave her the all-clear to compete again the following year and she made a name for herself until 2019. Things changed but not in her love life.

If anything, things got better for her in regard to her emotional state and most of her fans could tell that.  Let’s find out more about Caster Semenya wife.

Caster Semenya wife

Caster Semenya wife Violet Raseboya. Photo by SowetanLive


Semenya and Raseboya have two children together. The couple’s second born was born in 2021. Their firstborn is a girl, Oratile now three years old.

She was born in 2019, four years after Semenya wedded her wife in a colourful traditional ceremony.

The event took place in Ga-Dikgale in the Capricorn District of Limpopo, according to the Fame SA Awards Facebook page.

The athlete’s parents went to Raseboya parents’ house to arrange a lobola (dowry). Following the event, Semenya gave her family R25,000 ($1,410).

They then had their white wedding in 2017, much to the surprise of many critics.


Caster Semenya wife scenario only means that the Olympian plays the role of a husband in her marriage. She is transgender.

Semenya reportedly underwent gender testing, which revealed that while she lacked a womb or ovaries, she did possess internal testes. These are the male sexual organs that create testosterone.

The test found that her testosterone levels were three times higher than those typically observed in females.


Caster Semenya wife is Violet Raseboya, a South African woman. Theirs is a long tale of a fought-for-love affair.

Their first encounter was in a public restroom in 2007. Raseboya mistook Semenya for a male when she saw the doping officials escorting her.

Doping officials received her inquiry about the youngster in the stall, and she reacted by asking her to leave. Semenya on the defensive shot out that she wasn’t a male and wasn’t disoriented.

A while later, the bad blood between them fizzled out and they started going out for dates. Eight years later, they formalized their union in traditional marriage and a white wedding in 2017.


Caster Semenya

Caster Semenya. Photo/ Demzyportal.

Semenya competed in her first world championship in five years in June 2022 albeit not in the event that she is most well-known for winning.

At the 2022 World Track and Field Championships, held in Eugene, Oregon, Semenya competed in the 5000-meter race. Yet, she is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a three-time world champion in the 800 meters.

She did not advance to the final round in the women’s 5000-meter race since she finished 13th in her heat. She was 53 seconds behind the leader, Ethiopia’s Gudaf Tsegay.

The South African gold medalist had to contend with rules imposed by World Athletics. They limit the amount of testosterone that female athletes have in the 400-meter dash.

Due to the high testosterone in her system, Semenya, who is now 31 years old, is unable to compete in her greatest event. She lodged repeated appeals against the new laws, which came into force in 2019, but she has not been successful.

Her most recent appeal, filed with the European Court of Human Rights, is still awaiting a ruling.

Although Semenya did not initially qualify for this year’s World Championships in Oregon, she advanced after higher-ranked women decided not to compete.

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