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Pierluigi Collina fifa cover
Pierluigi Collina. Photo by These Football Times
  • Pierluigi Collina FIFA cover is just testament that he is one of the best referees
  • The former Italian referee received FIFA’s “Best Referee of the Year” award six times
  • Collina was born in Bologna, Italy

Pierluigi Collina FIFA cover is just a testament that he is one of the best referees the football world will ever have.

The former Italian referee received FIFA’s “Best Referee of the Year” award six times in a row. That’s why he is widely regarded as the greatest football official of all time.

Collina was born in Bologna, Italy, on February 13, 1960. He schooled here and pursued an economics degree in 1984. While in school, he was a centre-back for a local team. He enrolled in a referee school in 1977.

It was then that it was discovered he had a special affinity for the position. Within three years, he finished his conscription and officiated at the highest regional competition level. He advanced to the national third level in 1988 more quickly than usual.

Collina presided over both Serie C1 and Serie C2. He was given the opportunity to officiate Serie B and Serie A games after three seasons. Further, he was added to the FIFA Referees List in 1995 after officiating 43 Serie A games.

At the Olympic Games in 1996, he was assigned five games, including the championship game between Argentina and Nigeria. However, his most memorable match is the UEFA Champions League Final he officiated in 1999 between Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

Collina’s career peaked in June 2002 when he was selected to referee Brazil vs Germany World Cup final.

Pierluigi Collina

Pierluigi Collina. Photo by Bitbol


Pierluigi Collina FIFA cover isn’t the only thing that makes him so famous. Rather, his sharpness in the field and the business world. After his undergraduate in Economics, he had his stint as a financial advisor.

His comprehension of both the sporting and business worlds makes him unique. Nevertheless, these attributes make him so famous.


Collina believes that making trustworthy and consistent decisions is essential in his refereeing career.

Pierluigi Collina discussed how the correct psychological state of mind is crucial to making these decisions. He says that while a certain degree of technical knowledge is required for refereeing, there is unquestionably an art to becoming a top referee.

And the skill a referee exhibits when officiating a game largely depends on his personality traits, which most frequently result from being dependable and consistent. Notably, being consistent and dependable largely depend on a person’s mental and emotional state.

A referee must be mentally stable to be effective. Any irregularities during the game are typically correlated with emotional ups and downs. For officiating to be effective, he says one must maintain the proper psychological state throughout the game.


One of the reasons Pierluigi Collina FIFA cover came up is because of his ability to handle pressure while making tough decisions. He advises that it is important to take your time to consider all the options while still acting promptly.

A referee should decide on a play as soon as he observes it or right away after. This does not imply that judgments ought to be taken quickly. In order to fully understand what just transpired, it may occasionally be necessary to wait a bit.

However, if the choice is slow, players and coaches are more likely to start whining since it appears that the decision is being made slowly. Swift decision-making wades off controversy.


Referees must maintain effective lines of communication with players and coaches. Collina explains the basic component of effective communication is getting along with people well.

Effective communication is crucial in each area of human endeavour, and refereeing requires it even more. Referees must work to create effective lines of communication with their players.

These three attributes always guided the Italian for decades and ended in Pierluigi Collina FIFA cover.

Pierluigi Collina

Pierluigi Collina. Photo by IMDB


Besides Collina, Andrew Taylor ranks among the best football referees in the world. Taylor presided over significant matches, such as the Football League Cup final between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur in 2015.

He was later picked to serve as the primary referee for the September 2020 UEFA Super Cup.


You wouldn’t shove off Pierluigi Collina FIFA cover when it comes to the greatest football referees in history. Under his wings, he inspired a dozen other referees to be nearly as good as he is.

Among them is Pedro Proença, a Portuguese football referee. He is still employed as an international football referee. Proença refereed UEFA Champions League and UEFA European Championship finals in the same year, which is big history.

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