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Pep Guardiola daughter Maria defining beauty and ambition

Pep Guardiola daughter
Pep Guardiola daughter Maria. Photo by Marca
  • Pep Guardiola’s daughter Maria Guardiola is an absolute head turner
  • Maria is an admirable 21-year-old who knows what she wants in life
  • She was dumped by former Tottenham Hotspur player Dele Alii

Pep Guardiola daughter Maria Guardiola is an absolute head turner, much so like her father.

Only that the Manchester City manager turns heads on matters football while his daughter’s gorgeous looks leave many drooling.

Maria is an admirable 21-year-old who knows what she wants in life. Not even her young age stops her from dreaming and living this dream. After all, isn’t her father one of the best football managers in the world?

Such prestige comes with a lot of prestige and as young as she is, she carries through with it like the princess she is. The long of the short is that Pep Guardiola daughter has an interesting lifestyle.

Her ambition is incredibly inspiring too. Many think of her as a pacesetter millennial who will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams but who also eats life with a big spoon.


The legendary Manchester City manager’s first and famous daughter’s name is Maria, 21. She has 396,000 Instagram followers. Pep Guardiola daughter, pundits say is the gem in her family.

Maria Guardiola

Maria Guardiola. Photo by Daily Advent

She is the eldest child of the greatest manager ever, and she has decided to go out on her own.

While her father, continues to create the team he hopes will win the Champions League this year, Maria is busy establishing her own brand. Her most recent modelling gig was for a swimwear company, where she modelled bikinis.

Her stunning bikini body for a new swimwear line generated quite a stir among her devoted following. In a brief clip, the stunning lady from Barcelona blinks at the camera while wearing a skimpy bikini from iBilovesyou.

In spite of its brevity, the excerpt was enough to pique the interest of her social media followers.


Pep Guardiola has three children; Maria, Marius and Valentina. Maria is his eldest daughter while Vanessa is the last born.

Marius is the second-born and his only son now an adolescent teenager. Cristina Serra is the mother of Guardiola’s three adorable children.

Born in Italy in 1973, Serra is a Brazilian author, journalist, and Spanish fashionista. She currently resides in Spain.


Pep Guardiola daughter, Maria, is 21 years old.  She came to the attention of the public after being photographed kissing former Tottenham Hotspur star Dele Alli while they were together on a rooftop bar.

An amorous embrace between Maria and the former Tottenham Hotspur star set tongues wagging about Alli’s luck.

The lovebirds didn’t care who saw them as they smooched each other in front of the DJ booth at Cloud 9 rooftop club in Los Angeles.

They went for lunch at the hip Mayfair hotspot Novikov followed by a stop at Starbucks for a cup of coffee. However, they broke up six months later.

Alli dumped her and moved on with Nicole Berry, who stars in Made in Chelsea. Since the breakup, Maria and relationships are now an insoluble solution.

Her intimate life is under the wraps but her entrepreneurial side is still rocking social media.


After Alli’s breakup, there is no premier league player going out with Pep Guardiola daughter. At least not any that we know of.

Pep Guardiola daughter

Pep Guardiola daughter Maria. Photo by Daily Star

Given her age, she is going through life and taking a breakup isn’t an easy thing. Her studious silence in her dating life could be a coping mechanism after a hurtful separation from the football star.

Away from her dating life, Maria is a rabid supporter of Manchester City – not just because her father manages the club. Whenever her schedule allows, she is a regular guest at Etihad.

She was once captured hugging her father in celebrating a victory on the field at the Etihad Stadium in 2019. Rumour also has it that Erling Haaland is her favourite player.

If Pep and Erling lead City to their first-ever victory in the Champions League, Maria will have a lot to cheer about and plenty of reasons to rejoice.

Erling Haaland was voted EA Sports Player of the Month for August 2022. The Manchester City forward had one of the most remarkable performances in the opening month for a player in Premier League history.

He was nominated for the accolade alongside seven other Premier League players.

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