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Inside $1billion Stephen Curry Under Armour deal

Stephen Curry Under Armour
  • Stephen Curry Under Armour deal is $1 billion
  • He now gets a lifelong contract
  • Curry’s current contract with the company is set to expire in 2024

Stephen Curry Under Armour deal puts the NBA star on a path that Michael Jordan and LeBron James walked on.

The multimillion-dollar contract with Under Armour will usher him to an exclusive billionaires club. Curry, a four-time NBA champion may receive over $1 billion from the deal.

The report comes as Curry’s current contract with the company is set to expire in 2024, Rolling Stone reports. As part of the lifetime contract, Curry will reportedly get his own spinoff brand in the vein of Nike’s historic deal with NBA legend Jordan.


There is speculation that Curry will become a lifelong partner with Under Armour before the end of his current contract in 2024.

In 2013, he signed Curry a multiyear contract that included a signature shoe and apparel line. Stephen Curry Under Armour released the “Curry 1” sneaker in 2015.

Stephen Curry Under armour

Stephen Curry Under Armour sneaker. Photo by ESPN

Since then, Curry is the face of the company, to the point where he has his own brand, simply called “Curry.” In spite of this mutual benefit, relations between products by Davidson and Under Armour have not always been without conflict.

Sullivan claims that Curry and Under Armour’s CEO Kevin Plank had a contentious relationship. Curry said that what it took to run a firm like that properly was not fully appreciated. Therefore, he was enraged.

Further, Curry was upset by Plank’s defence of former President Donald Trump. Plank referred to him as an “asset” for the United States.

Because of this, Curry considered leaving the organization in 2018. However, they squared out these issues after some talking. This enabled Curry to debut the ‘Curry Brand.’


Well, Stephen Curry Under Armour shoes always steals the show. At the beginning of his career, Nike sponsored Curry. However, in 2013, he signed a close to $4 million annual contract with Armour.

With the 2015 contract renewal, that sum has reportedly increased to $20 million annually. A spokesperson for the firm said that as part of their agreement, the company will “completely align” with him.

This is in a bid to help build his name recognition among consumers of the firm’s line of sportswear.


The first Stephen Curry Under Armour contract nine years ago came with $4 million annual pay. It followed Nike’s decision not to match the rumoured $4 million annual offer sheet in 2013.

Then, in 2015, he signed a contract extension to 2024. Sometime in 2018, Curry threatened to quit Under Armour for a competitor citing a lack of “understanding” between him and the company. Then, the deal was earning him $20 million annually.

Now, he is looking at a lifetime contract valued at over $1 billion. The three-point specialist is edging closer to the billionaires club. He owes the change of thought from Nike to Armour to his daughter, Riley.

He recalls according to NBC Sports: “My favorite story is Riley It’s a few weeks before a final decision on the shoe contract must be made. At his agent Jeff Austin’s house in Hermosa Beach, California, Curry surveys the array of shoes before him. He asks his baby daughter, “Riley, which one do you like?”

“At this point, Riley is little over 1 year old. She is presented with a Nike sneaker, an Adidas sneaker and an Under Armour sneaker. She picks up “shoe one,” a Nike. Threw it over her shoulder. She picked up shoe two, and threw it over her shoulder. She picked up the third shoe, walked over and handed it to me. It was the Under Armour Anatomix Spawn. So I knew right then.”

Stephen Curry Under Armour

Stephen Curry Under Armour sneaker.Photo by SPorting News


Under Armour SC is a signature label for Stephen Curry Under Armour brand sneaker that first went out in September 2015.

The sneaker’s design honours the Golden State Warriors individual on- and off-court experiences. These are what defined Curry’s career from overlooked prep player to an unmistakable NBA superstar.

His unflappable on-court temperament and electric play style are reflected in the shoe’s precise and sharp design lines. He says this sneaker represents the faith of his loved ones, friends, teammates, and coaches who believe in his abilities.

He adds that such recognition is a driving force in his sporting development which, in general, is a representation of faith.

Teresa is a journalist with years of experience in creating web content. She is a wanderlust at heart, but an outgoing sports writer with focus on tennis, athletics, football, motorsports and NBA.

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