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Top five fastest players in La Liga

Inaki Williams of Athletic Club is the fastest player in La Liga. Photo: Getty Images
  • Football requires players to be fast to win games for their teams
  • Teams no longer work slowly towards a goal because they always have one player who can beat the other team’s defenders
  • A lot of clubs have also used counterattacks a lot more recently because of the availability of fast players 

In the game of football, fastest players matter, it is not sufficient to simply be in good physical shape.

There are a wide variety of physical characteristics that must be had. Players put in a lot of training to improve their stamina, agility, and other aspects of their physical make-up.

As a result of the heightened requirements of the game, a lot of football players are so incredibly quick that they can completely change the course of a game in the blink of an eye.

It is well known that a player in the top league of Spanish soccer must meet some of the most strenuous physical criteria in the world.

Today we look at the top five fastest players in La Liga.

5. Ruben Sobrino – 35.2 KPH


Ruben Sbrino of Valencia. Photo: Getty Images

Ruben Sobrino is a Cardiz winger. While many fans may not be familiar with his name, he has been an electrifying force on the wings in La Liga for seasons.

He recorded a pace of 35.2 kilometres per hour during the previous season and caused huge issues for defenders.

In addition to spending time with Valencia over his career, Sobrino has established himself as a mainstay in the La Liga during the past six years.

He was a product of the Real Madrid youth system and went on to play for the English powerhouse Manchester City from 2014 to 2017.

The Spaniard will again be an extreme force this season, and he will be looking to contribute to the squad by scoring some crucial goals.

4. Joseph Aidoo – 35.2 KPH


Joseph Aidoo of Celta Vigo. Photo: MARCA

Even though the Ghanaian plays in the middle of the defence for his La Liga team, he is often rated as one of the fastest players in the league.

In the previous season, he reached a top speed of 35.2 kilometres per hour and managed to stay one step ahead of a large number of strikers.

Last season, he appeared in 32 games and was also a reliable defender. The year 2019 was Aido’s debut in La Liga; ever since then, he has been a nightmare for his opponents.

He can get an advantage against strikers by excellently using his incredible speed, particularly during counterattacks.

This gives him the upper hand. Even faster players, notably Vinicius Junior and Yannick Carrasco, have had trouble beating him in recent matches.

At the back, Joseph Aidoo has carved out a spot for himself in Celta Vigo’s team and will be looking to maintain his dominant performance going forwards.

3. Luis Suarez – 35.3 KPHT

Luis Suarez avec Grenade en novembre 2021 1452687

Luis Suarez of Marseille. Photo: Skysports

Last season, Granada concluded with just eight wins out of 38 matches, which was not enough to avoid relegation.

Despite this, they had one player—the striker Luis Suarez—who continuously shone out throughout the season. With a peak speed of 35.3 kilometres per hour, the Colombian striker finished the previous season ranked as the third quickest player.

During the previous season, he played 37 games and scored eight goals. His speed had an incredible impact on the defence in addition to allowing him to score goals.

Even the best defenders had trouble containing Suarez during counterattacks, which was where he excelled as a threat to the opposition’s goal.

However, he has since moved on from Granada following their demotion and joined Marseille, where he made an immediate impact by scoring two goals in his first game for the club.

2. Alvaro Garcia – 35.4 KPH


Alvaro Garcia of Rayo Vallecano. Photo: Skysports

Last year, Alvaro Garcia of Rayo Vallecano was one of the players that emerged as a breakout star in La Liga. Because he scored seven goals and provided four assists during the season, it is safe to say that this was the best season of his entire career. 

The top speed that Alvaro Garcia ever recorded was 35.4 kilometres per hour, which was tied for the quickest speed in the league at the time.

Because defenders are now aware of his history, he will try to maintain the blistering form he showed throughout the previous season.

1. Inaki Williams – 35.4 KPH

There is no reason to be surprised that Inaki Williams is at the top of this list. Since his debut in the Spanish Primera División during the 2014–15 campaign.

The Ghanaian forward have been the worst nightmare for defenders in the Spanish top flight. Williams has scored 74 goals for Bilbao so far in his career with the club in 340 games.

During the last term, Inaki Williams reached the threshold of 35.4 kilometres per hour. Williams is entering his ninth season playing in the Spanish league and will be looking to progress as a striker.


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