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NBA bans its Executives and Players from investing in sports

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant: Photo/ Getty Images
  • According to sources within NBA, executives and players are barred from investing in sports
  • This rule applies to all of the employees who are actively engaged in the gameplay
  • However, the team owners are allowed to purchase betting stocks
  •  The ban is a topic of deep discussions between the NBA and the NBA Players Association

Players in the NBA, Executives Investing in Sports Is Prohibited Due to NBA players are defying league laws in order to gain a stake in the action in the flourishing sports betting sector, which has made their teams loads of money.

The players are doing this because they want a piece of the activity in the industry.

According to sources within NBA, the league prohibits its players from engaging in, sponsoring, or promoting any business that incorporates NBA staking in whatsoever way.

This includes not only betting on NBA games but also promoting or supporting such companies.

This rule is applicable to all of the employees who are actively engaged in the gameplay.

According to a source that is knowledgeable about NBA laws, team governors, which is a rebranding phrase for a team owner, are permitted to purchase sports betting stock.

However, they are not allowed to have any connection with the gambling activities that are conducted by the NBA.

NBA Upcoming season

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. Photo/ Getty Images

During the upcoming NBA season, there will be a total of over 41 different betting sponsorships available to the  teams in the league.

In addition, there will be five various clubs that will operate sportsbooks within their respective facilities.

There are no limits on investments as per the agreement in the collective bargaining that governs the NBA.

However, players are liable for ahalf of the league’s revenues that are tied to gambling, as stated in the agreement.

Even though the National Basketball Association (NBA) hasn’t had any issues with security breaches yet, according to insiders, there are rising concerns regarding both the organisation and the sportspeople.

Underdog Fantasy to launch Sportsbooks

Underdog Fantasy, a company that claims Kevin Durant, and others among its investors, reportedly announced its plan to launch sportsbooks in numerous states during the course of the following year.

The company (underdog) made the details of these investments known during the press conference. They announced its plans to create freshly licenced sports betting products. The challenger did not respond to the requests for a statement.

It has been reported by both the Colorado Division of Gaming and the Ohio Casino Control Commission that the corporation has applied for gambling licences for both states.

The NBA is reportedly “monitoring” the situation. Still, it is uncertain how the league will discover who is in breach of its policy. Unless more companies identify who their investors are. Multiple reports have stated that the NBA is “watching” the situation.

 The ban on betting on sports is a topic of deep discussion between the NBA and the NBA Players Association. This comes as the industry, in general, continues to grow. Sources have claimed that this topic is being discussed.


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