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Stefanos Tsitsipas supports Novak Djokovic’s decision on vaccination status

Stefanos Tsitsipas Novak Djokovic
Stefanos Tsitsipas with Novak Djokovic. Photo/Forbes

Here is full information about why Novak Djokovic want to secret his covid-19 vaccination decision secret. and how Stefanos Tsitsipas sporting Novak Djokovic on His Decision.

Novak Djokovic Covid-19 Vaccination Status:-

Greek Tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas, says he respects a decision by Novak Djokovic to keep his COVID-19 vaccination status a secret.

World No.4 says Djokovic made a personal choice and anyone who does so is right. Thus, he leads the bandwagon in respecting Djokovic’s decision not to publicly disclose his vaccination status.

He told Sky Sports that though he was never in favour of vaccination, he took the jab. Tsitsipas will be in Melbourne in January for the Australian Open.

Tsitsipas, who had drawn flak for his anti-vaccine remarks, opted to be vaccinated after changing his mind.

“I’m not in favour of vaccination, but I’m also not against it, either. Those that wish to do it have my full backing. Despite the fact that I am not a medical professional, I am an athlete with a unique perspective on health care. The annual flu shot is on the schedule for me this year,” he told Greek television station ANT1.

Stefanos Tsitsipas Novak Djokovic

Stefanos Tsitsipas with Novak Djokovic. Photo/Tennis World

His decision to be vaccinated was in a bid to leave a normal life. And 2021 was kind to him although he was forced to withdraw from the Paris Masters and ATP Finals due to an elbow injury.

Tsitsipas is confident that he is fit for the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament for 2022. He says that his elbow is in excellent condition. He is positive that he will go a notch higher in the 2022 season.

The Greek adds that opting out of ATP Finals was to safeguard his well-being.

What’s with Novak Djokovic Vaccination Controversy?

Two months ago Djokovic urged tennis officials to speak in one voice and involve players in making decisions concerning the opening of Grand Slam in Australia.

He told Tennis365 that he would hate a repeat of quarantine issues that dogged him this year. Djokovic remarked the quarantine experience is a nightmare he doesn’t want to battle.

A statement by Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister cited that all tennis players would quarantine upon arrival in Australia for 14 days. They would quarantine in a hotel.

The PM’s message followed leaked private emails sent to all WTA players. The email stipulated that those who’ve been vaccinated will move freely. However, the story is different for unvaccinated players who will undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

In addition, they would be subjected to regular testing after the two-week quarantine.

In November, it became apparent that the chances of world No.1 participating in the Australian Open 2022 were so slim. This is after his father Srdjan Djokovic called out officials over the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination rule.

Craig Tiley, the Australian Open tournament chief said that unvaccinated players would not be allowed to participate in the 2022 season-opening Grand Slam. The rules come to play even as Djokovic maintain his stance not to disclose it or not he is vaccinated.


His father retorted that Djokovic was being blackmailed by tennis officials. Srdjan while speaking to Sports Illustrated said that he does not anticipate Djokovic playing in the Australian Open next year.

Srdjan said the vaccination rules by the tournament’s officials are tantamount to blackmail. He says his son should not be forced to be vaccinated so as to play adding he is willing to play in the tournament.

“As far as vaccines and non-vaccines are concerned, it is the personal right of each of us whether we will be vaccinated or not,” he told TV Prva.

Stefanos Tsitsipas Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic ATP Finals. Photo/ Sky Sports

Is Novak Djokovic Ready for the Australian Open 2022?

Srdjan said it was unbecoming for Australian leaders to support the all-tennis players vaccination rule. He added that the ultimate decision on whether Djokovic debuts for the Australian Open depends on what these leaders will ‘pose’.

“He would want it with all his heart because he is an athlete, and we would love that too. Under these blackmails and conditions, he probably won’t [play]. I wouldn’t do that. And he’s my son, so you decide for yourself.”

Djokovic’s participation in the Melbourne Park Grand Slam sparked a heated debate in the tennis world. However, even after his father’s take on the whole issue, the Serbian remains non-committal on his appearance.

The 34-year-old misses an opportunity to dethrone Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer by clinching a 21st Grand Slam title.

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