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6 unique things about Novak Djokovic most expensive shoes

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novak djokovic most expensive shoe
Asics-manufactured shoes that Novak Djokovic wears. Photo/Asics
  • Novak Djokovic’s most expensive shoe combines style and function
  • He earlier wore Lacoste by a French company but ditched it in 2018
  • He loves the current brand he wears to all his matches

Are you an athlete struggling to get the best performance shoe? Perhaps the solution lies in Novak Djokovic most expensive shoe combining style and function but they are a massive investment.

With 24 Grand Slam titles, Djokovic does his best to remain on top of his game and his footwear is a part of success regimen. But what exactly makes his shoes expensive? What is special about them? This article expounds on this subject.


Djokovic wears Asics’ Court FF NOVAK shoes. He initially wore Lacoste shoes but switched to Asics. Lacoste offers comfortable and stylish shoes suitable for recreational play. They come in different model designs to cater for different preferences.

The French footwear manufacturer has a four-level supplier chain including China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia.

novak djokovic most expensive shoe

Asics-manufactured shoes that Novak Djokovic wears. Photo/Evening Standard


The Asics’ Court FF NOVAK answer Novak Djokovic most expensive shoes. They have a “24” engraving in them to signify the number of Grand Slams he has won in his tennis career. He describes them as an investment because he felt like he had just bought a commercial car when he wore them after leaving Lacoste.

“When I switched from my last sponsor to Asics shoes, I felt really like I was going to a sportscar from a commercial car,” he told Forbes.

The difference was abstract in that he felt their lightness and increased foot flexibility when playing.

“I felt lighter on my feet, I felt there was more flexibility. I could change direction quicker, and I could slide. Why change when you feel good?” he posed.

Asics Court FF NOVAK shoes go beyond mere branding, offering unique features designed to elevate his on-court performance.  Here are six model features that make it a unique sporting shoe and further explain about Novak Djokovic most expensive shoes.

  1. Flytefoam: This lightweight midsole technology ensures explosive starts and quick changes of direction without sacrificing cushioning.
  2. Mono-sock fit: A seamless upper construction provides a sock-like fit, eliminating distractions and enhancing responsiveness.
  3. Twistruss System: This technology stabilizes the midfoot during aggressive cuts and turns, preventing injuries and maintaining control.
  4. Flexible Forefoot: Djokovic thrives on quick footwork, and the shoe’s flex grooves in the forefoot allow for natural movement and effortless transitions.
  5. Enhanced Grip: A strategically designed outsole pattern offers superior traction on various court surfaces, ensuring confident footwork regardless of the play.
  6. Personalized Touches: Subtle nods to Djokovic’s personality, like the Serbian flag colors and his logo, add a touch of champion spirit.
novak djokovic most expensive shoe

Asics Off Court Novak shoe. Photo/Mister tennis


Asics sponsors Djokovic’s shoes which he loves to the core. He is on records saying that they serve him well which is why he doesn’t see the need to get more. In 2018, ASICS and Djokovic announced their collaboration in honor of the release of the GEL-RESOLUTION NOVAK, a unique new tennis shoe.

The Japanese footwear brand unveiled the GEL-RESOLUTIONTM Novak sneaker ahead of the Australian Open 2018. It has a reputation of support and stability pairing up well for elite performance on the court for many years.  It enhances stability and speed which are two guiding factors in ASICS’s tennis footwear development process.

This firm draws its findings from research conducted by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) and analysis of the motions and performances of professional tennis players. To make sure Djokovic is comfortable going forward, Asics has added customized elements multiple times.

When Djokovic won his 23rd Grand Slam at Roland Garros, Asics created a unique pair of teal and white sneakers with the number “23” printed on the heel of the shoe.


On top of Novak Djokovic most expensive shoes, Asics pays him $4 million every year for his ambassador role. The Japanese firm is content with the visibility that he gives its footwear and the deal continues. His admission that he is not looking for another shoe means Djokovic is content with the comfort and style of the shoe.

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