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josh giddey
Josh Giddey. Photo/CNN
  • Giddey has already made a name for himself as an important member of the Thunder
  • The NBA player reportedly had a one-night stand with an underage girl from recent reports
  • The scandal started when photographs and a leaked video of Giddey with Cook were posted on OC Beers, a secret Instagram profile

Josh Giddey, a star shooting guard for Oklahoma City Thunder is in the eye of a storm following his alleged fling with an underage girl, Liv Cook.

The NBA player reportedly had a one-night stand with the young girl, from recent reports. Apparently, Giddey didn’t know her age when they first connected, and the moment he found out the next day that she wasn’t 19, he broke up with her, according to “Code Sports”.

The scandal started when photographs and a leaked video of Giddey with Cook were posted on OC Beers, a secret Instagram profile. This page raised severe questions over the age discrepancy and its legal ramifications by asserting that Cook is considerably younger than the Australian-born basketball player.

Josh Giddey Liv Cook Scandal

The New York Post claims that the minor obtained entry to a nightclub that only lets people above the age of 18, thus in this case, Giddey would have been justified in believing that the girl was an adult rather than a kid.

josh giddey

Oklahoma City Thunder player Josh Giddey. Photo/Fox News

As of the time of writing, Giddey had neither addressed the accusations nor acknowledged his involvement with the girl. Crucially, nothing more than accusations have been substantiated at this point.

In contrast to Oklahoma, where the incident occurred, and the age of consent is 16, Giddey is the subject of an investigation by the NBA and the Newport Beach Police Department in California, where the age of consent is 18.

Reports indicate that Cook is a high school junior. She became an instant celebrity following reports of her affair with Giddey. In the process of learning more about her, several NBA fans discovered that she participates in club volleyball and is fairly active on TikTok.

Although the video went viral on social media and the accusations surfaced, investigations are underway.

How Old is Josh Giddey?

Giddey is 21 years old. His basketball journey began in his home country of Australia. His parents, both former professional basketball players, instilled a love for the game that soon became his passion. From dribbling in the living room to dominating junior leagues, Giddey’s talent was undeniable.

He honed his skills at the NBA Global Academy, a training ground for elite young talent. Here, his unique vision and passing prowess blossomed. He wasn’t just scoring points; he was orchestrating the game like a seasoned maestro, threading no-look passes and finding teammates for easy buckets.

josh giddey

Josh Giddey. Photo/CTV News

Giddey’s meteoric rise landed him in the Adelaide 36ers as the youngest player to ever suit up for the NBL team. He didn’t shy away from the spotlight, averaging 10.9 points, 7.3 rebounds, and a league-leading 7.6 assists per game. His dazzling play earned him the NBL Rookie of the Year award and the attention of NBA scouts worldwide.

As they rebuilt for the future, the Oklahoma City Thunder recognized Giddey’s potential as a key member of the team. He was selected in 2021 with the sixth overall choice, making him the youngest Australian selected in NBA history.

Giddey had an easy adjustment to the NBA. His nickname, “Triple-Double Machine,” swiftly transcended the sport as he frequently flirted with the elusive stat line. His court vision appeared to see past walls and anticipate the moves of teammates, and his passing wizardry never ceased to astound.

Even with the controversy surrounding him following his date with the minor, Giddey has already made a name for himself as an important member of the Thunder. He is a leader, a floor general, and a defensive threat in addition to being a highlight reel player. His contagious excitement and unwavering energy have made him a fan favorite.

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