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dallas mavericks sale
Mark Cuban with Miriam Adelson. Photo/Jewish Telegraphic Agency
  • Dallas Mavericks sale is not a new phenomenon in the NBA
  • Cuban sparked conversation with the sale of the club to Miriam Adelson
  • He invested $285 million twenty-three years ago in the club

Dallas Mavericks sale is not a new phenomenon in the NBA but it is a major surprise by American billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

Cuban sparked conversation with the sale of the club to Miriam Adelson, who is the proprietor of Las Vegas Sands. Talk had it that he is preparing to vie for the 2024 American presidential elections.

Cuban was a big critic of former US President Donald Trump and nearly contested the presidency in 2017. Yet, The Adelson family remain the largest financial contributors to Trump’s presidential campaigns.

Dallas Mavericks Sale

With Dallas Mavericks sale, Cuban-Adelson business alliance definitely makes an odd alliance. But what does the club’s sale look like? The deal entails Cuban selling a sizable portion of his stock share of the NBA team. But he will still be in control of all basketball-related decisions.

Mark CUban

Mark Cuban. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

He invested $285 million twenty-three years ago, and now, without leaving the team, he will get $3.5 billion. This is despite Forbes valuing the team at $4.5 billion, making it the seventh most valuable club in the NBA.

Although it appears to be a below-market selling, there’s more going on here. The Adelsons’ over $30 billion fortune has been largely attributed to their success in casinos. Singapore, Macao, and Nevada City are home to complexes owned by their company Las Vegas Sands.

The Adelson family gained fame in Spain thanks to the EuroVegas project, which was the brainchild of Sheldon. He was one of the wealthiest individuals in the US at the time of his death in 2011.

Further, the Community of Madrid, and specifically Alcorcón, was on the verge of being home to an enormous complex spanning 750 hectares. It featured hotels, casinos, and golf courses, under the administration of Esperanza Aguirre but it was never implemented.

Nevertheless, there is a problem: gambling is prohibited in Texas. Nevertheless, the Adelsons, who are currently headed by Miriam, who is a widow, have considered doing something similar for Dallas.

Cuban has been attempting to persuade the state authorities to overturn the ban for years, seemingly to ally with the future owners. The plan is to construct a new Mavericks pavilion inside a tourism complex.

It appears that the NBA Board of Governors won’t stand in the way of the selling process proceeding. A majority vote of the remaining franchise owners is required to approve any changes to the ownership structure.

The Adelsons and many of them have similar ideologies. One crucial particular. While their CEOs lean more Republican, American athletes tend to be Democrats.

Mark Cuban Politics

What sparked rumours about his ambition to run for the 2024 presidential election in the US was his exit from Shark Tank, a reality TV show.

Cuban was on the show for 16 years and he was nearly the face of it but is now off which sent signals that he could be readying for a political campaign.

mark cuban has no presidency plans

American billionaire Mark Cuban. Photo/CNN

He has always harboured presidential aspirations. There were talks of the American billionaire running for president in the recent past. He stated he was thinking about running as a Republican against Donald Trump in an OBJECTified episode from 2017. However, his family disapproved of his interest in joining politics.

Dallas Mavericks Performance

While on the court, business is booming, but Dallas hasn’t taken off. With a record of 11-7, they are fourth in the West, mostly because of their relatively light schedule thus far. The Mavericks have improved from the previous campaign, but they still lack the necessary players to contend for a championship.

Although Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic are fantastic attacking tandem, their defence is letting them down. Additionally, there isn’t a rim protector, but youngster Dereck Lively II might add one in the future. Grant Williams, who joined the team in the summer, is a welcome addition, but he doesn’t elevate the squad.

The star player on the club, a Slovenian point guard, has a contract that runs through 2026 with an option to extend for one additional year at a cost of around $49 million. If he doesn’t see a possibility to win a title by then, will he still be a member of the team? Will Dallas have any casinos? It’s difficult to say which response is more crucial at this time.

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