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4 popular tennis players dating in 2023

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tennis players dating 2023
Katie Boulter is currently dating an Australian man, Alex de Minaur. Photo/SportsLumo
  • Dating for tennis players is special in 2023
  • These tennis players came out publicly not long ago
  • Some have come from breakups

Dating for tennis players is special in 2023 as some of the popular names in the WTA and ATP Tour feature prominently in this list.

Although it is not a new phenomenon in this industry, it is intriguing because these tennis players came out publicly not long ago. Some have come from breakups, while others are weathering a big publicity storm.

SportsLeo brings you details on the players who are currently on the dating scene evoking a lot of public interest.


Katie Boulter and Alex de Minaur

Katie Boulter and Alex de Minaur. Photo/FirstSportz

British tennis queen Katie Boulter is currently dating an Australian man, Alex de Minaur. All attention is on her now as the British tennis star following Emma Raducanu’s hiatus as she recovers from Surgery.

As Wimbledon continues, the 26-year-old star is giving the public something to look forward to by virtue of dating Minaur. The world No. 17 feels great that she gets to spend most of her time with her Aussie boyfriend. Boulter and Minaur are currently renting a rental home just a short walk from the All England Club where Wimbledon action goes down.

She says that the comfort and downtime are beneficial to her training.

“We all get to spend a whole lot of time together. I have the option of popping out when I want to – I know where the closest coffee shop is, where the stringers are – so this is a place I can call home,” Mail Sports reports.

Boulter opines that this comfort and downtime are helpful to her preparation for staging a battle for her first Grand Slam on home soil. Now that her dating life is in public, the cheers are increasingly growing to a very energetic level.


Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu with Carlo. Photo.Noble/Draper

Emma Raducanu, 20, is reportedly dating Carlo Agostinelli, the son of London billionaire Robert Agostinelli. Robert is an American private equity millionaire based in London. He is a former Goldman Sachs banker who now resides in London and previously tried to purchase the Liverpool football club.

Raducanu and the 22-year-old Stanford graduate shared some suggestive photos weeks back spending time together in Mexico and London. In one of the photos Agostinelli was pictured coming off a limousine together at the mansion block in Kensington, west London with Raducanu.

This is his official residence when he is not in Paris. He was holding a large bunch of roses while Raducanu held a tennis racket with a broad smile on her face. When they emerged a couple of hours later, the 20-year-old British tennis player wore Agostinelli’s suit jacket as they got into a second limousine and drove off.

Days earlier, Agostinelli’s model sister Heloise had posted an image on social media of her and Raducanu dining together in an exclusive Paris restaurant. For the fact that Raducanu is among the most popular tennis players; her dating exploits stir a lot of public interest.


Melissa Satta berrettini

Melissa Satta with her boyfriend Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini. Photo/Vanity Fair

Italian tennis star Matteo Berrettini is currently dating Melissa Satta. She is a famous Italian media personality who shot to stardom after marrying Ghanaian footballer Kevin Prince Boateng and their subsequent divorce. They met for the first time in Miami in 2022. They exchanged contacts and one thing led to the other because the tennis star kept communication intact.

She never forgets this dinner with friends that ultimately led her to 27-year-old Berrettini. What’s more is she recalls that their first conversation went on for hours and it never got dull at any point.

“In Miami, at a dinner with mutual friends. We talked to each other, we exchanged phone numbers, and we started talking from there. The next day, we were both leaving. My life is in Milan, he lives in Monte Carlo. A thousand chats on WhatsApp. Which never ended,” she told Vanity Fair in a past interview.


Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas with Paula Badosa. Photo/Marca

They are the most likeable tennis couple in 2023. The Greek player recently lifted the cover on dating WTA player Paula Badosa. Tsitsipas says theirs is more than love; they are soul mates who are certain they were made for each other.  Tsitsipas said that he has met a lot of women in his life but none of them ever made him feel how Badosa makes him feel. Her beauty and interesting personality always draw him to her. Even better, their thinking is always on the same line.

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