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Billionaire’s son rumoured to be dating Emma Raducanu

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emma raducanu carlo agostinelli
Emma Raducau with Carlo Agostinelli. Photo/Emma Raducanu
  • Carlo Agostinelli is the son of London billionaire Robert Agostinelli
  • He is 22 years old and an International Relations Graduate from Stanford University
  • They were spotted together in Mexico and West London

As Emma Raducanu continues to recover from three surgeries she recently underwent, she has her fans busy after her photos with Carlo Agostinelli, the son of London billionaire Robert Agostinelli.

The 22-year-old is schooled at Harrow public school and later went to Stanford University in the US to study international relations.

He also played football back in Harrow. His father, Agostinelli now 70 years old, is an American private equity millionaire based in London.

He is a former Goldman Sachs banker who now resides in London and previously tried to purchase the Liverpool football club.

Raducanu and Agostinelli shared photos of themselves having fun together in Mexico City last month. She has also been spotted going to his flat worth an estimated $2.5 million flat.

Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu with Carlo. Photo.Noble/Draper

On Tuesday evening the pair arrived in a limousine together at the mansion block in Kensington, west London. He lives here when he is not in Paris. He was holding a large bunch of roses while Raducanu held a tennis racket.

When they emerged a couple of hours later, the 20-year-old British tennis player wore Agostinelli’s suit jacket as they got into a second limousine and drove off.

Days earlier, Agostinelli’s model sister Heloise had posted an image on social media of her and Raducanu dining together in an exclusive Paris restaurant.

Mathilde Favier, Heloise’s mother reacted to this photo with a love emoji. Favier is the director of public relations of Dior in Paris. She is the ex-wife of Agostinelli Senior, who has since remarried.

On the other hand, Raducanu is a global fashion and beauty ambassador for Dior Raducanu and it is likely that they met through this link.

A Dior fashion show was the reason behind her trip to Mexico City that Agostinelli junior accompanied her.

Meanwhile, tennis legend Boris Becker warned Raducanu of putting her career in jeopardy after three successive surgeries on her ankle and wrists.

French Open

Emma Raducanu. Photo/Daily Mail

She had three surgeries in May which put her out of the WTA tour for months as she recovers. Now, Becker says the surgery effects may last for a lifetime and will affect her tennis career.

Given Becker’s history in tennis and his wrist injury when young, he is an authoritative voice in Raducanu’s tennis career.

Becker has acknowledged that he is worried about the problems she might run into as she approaches her tennis peak.

Just like Raducanu who won a grand slam at 18 and courted injury; the retired German tennis star had a similar experience.

While it was the only option for the 20-year-old, Becker is sympathetic to its later effects.

Raducanu withdrew from the Madrid Open owing to a right-hand injury. She said that the pain she harboured for the last 10 months and it was time to get the surgery.

“It is safe to say the last ten months have been difficult as I dealt with a recurring injury on a bone of both hands,” she wrote on Instagram.

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