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Tiger woods Erica herman breakup
Tiger Woods with his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman breakup. Photo/CNN
  • Erica Herman dropped a $30 million lawsuit on her ex-lover Tiger Woods
  • Court documents indicate that Herman made a surprising drop of the case when no one expected her to
  • In May, a judge directed the dispute to arbitration upon Woods’ request

Erica Herman dropped a $30 million lawsuit on her ex-lover Tiger Woods for alleged infidelity p and pushing her out of his house.

Court documents indicate that Herman made a surprising drop of the case when no one expected her to. Her decision to withdraw the lawsuit follows a parallel court victory for Tiger. In May, a judge directed the dispute to arbitration upon Woods’ request.

She filed a $30 million lawsuit against Tiger’s trust, the home’s titleholder, claiming that this amount represented the “reasonable rental value” of Tiger’s home for the remaining five years under their supposed oral agreement.

Tiger allegedly devised a plan to kick Herman out of the house when they split up in the fall of 2022, including alleged false promises and an impromptu trip. She said that Tiger’s entourage persuaded her to pack for a vacation without Tiger and drove her to the airport, where they allegedly informed her that she had been “locked out” and couldn’t return. Tiger, on the other hand, denied ever entering into a deal with her and labelled her as a “jilted ex-girlfriend.”


Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods. Photo/ EssentiallySports.

While the two were dating, Erica allegedly lived with Tiger for six years in his Hobe Sound mansion, providing Tiger with “valuable services” in return for a rent-free residence. She said she didn’t have the “oral tenancy agreement” in writing but insisted it was supposed to extend five years after their 2022 split.

However, there was more to this suit pitting the PGA award-winning golfer. There were claims of rolling in the hay with multiple men which was one of the reasons that triggered a nasty breakup with Herman.


She cited cruelty and a feeling of promiscuity with Woods as the deal breaker. In December 2022, Herman, then 38, filed a $30 million lawsuit, claiming that Woods, then 47, used deceit and cruelty to evict her from a Florida mansion. The two had been living together for the last five years. She moved in with Woods in 2017 and all seemed fine until the suit filing in December 2022.

Herman sought to have the non-disclosure agreement they signed at the outset of their relationship revoked in the civil suit.  He has, however, denied all this saying it is untrue.


As this unfolded, there were fresh claims that the renowned golfer, who divorced his ex-wife Elin Nordegren over claims of adultery also sleeps with men.

An unknown college student made accusations against Woods. The Student according to Ace Showbiz said that his uncle worked for Woods as a caddie. The young man revealed in an interview with Instagram user Yellow Duck that his uncle who he identified as Joe LaCava had told him tales of how Woods had relationships with various men.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods to return in action at the start of next month. Photo/ Sports Illustrated.

“My uncle was actually (Woods’) caddy for like 15 years. They go everywhere together. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. My uncle has told me stories … [Tiger] hooked up with a lot of women. But not only did he hook up with women, but he also hooked up with dudes,” the student told Yellow Duck.

He confidently labeled as ambidextrously effective because he swings both ways.  Interestingly, the student said only a few people knew about this and Nike who sponsored Nike knew about it all along but swept it under the carpet.

With a $1 billion business, the ‘whistleblower’ student said that Nike has the liberty to control the narrative. The fir never came clean on this because Woods was and still is a big face of the PGA. His popularity is worth much more than just going all out with his bedroom fantasies.

Asked if his uncle ever had a romantic relationship with Woods, he said he couldn’t get to that but the whole thought is conceivable.  It could also be one of the reasons behind Tiger Woods Erica Herman breakup.

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