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emmanuel adebayor net worth
Emmanuel Adebayor. Photo/Daily Post Nigeria
  • Emmanuel was born on 26th February 1984 in Togo
  • He is currently at AC Semassi FC
  • Emmanuel is the brand ambassador of Power Horse energy drink

From childhood to where he is today, Emmanuel Adebayor net worth is impressive at 39 years. He owns property in many parts of the World. He has acquired his wealth from his football career as well as endorsements.

Adebayor is a Togolese  National born on February  26, 1984 in Lome, Togo. His parents are Haija Adebayo and Shadrack Adebayo. His childhood was that of an average family who could afford some basic shelter void of all the luxury you would want in life. In his case, they lived in a place without electricity and bathrooms and would take a bath on a nearby beach. But that was not a hindrance to his success as a decorated retired footballer.


Full name Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayo
Source of Wealth Soccer
Age 39 years
Birthplace Lomé, Togo
Height 1.91m
Nationality Togolese
Date of birth 26 February 1984
Occupation Footballer
Marital status Married
Emmanuel Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor. Photo/Sky Sports


Emmanuel Adebayor net worth is extremely high at 39 years with $45 million. In his career, he has played for different English clubs like Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham Spur and Crystal Palace. Manchester City paid him a salary of f 70,000 pounds per week which is equivalent to $85,616.  Tottenham paid him 100,000 pounds [equivalent to $ 123,237] every week.


Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor is a 39 years old Togolese national who plays as a striker. His parents are Haija Adebayo and Shadrack Adebayo. He has three brothers; Peter Adebayo, Rotimi Adebayor and Kola Adebayo. He also has three sisters, Yabo Adebayor, Lucia Adebayor and Maggie Adebayor.

While his parents could afford proper housing, they lacked luxuries such as bathrooms.  They had no electricity and a bathroom forcing them to take baths at a nearby beach.  His relationship with his mother fell apart for reasons he did not disclose but came out in public and said all was not well.

In another interview, he said he was driven to suicidal thoughts because of his family attempting to manipulate him over money matters.  He said with Emmanuel Adebayor net worth, he was already a cash cow for his family and it was taking a toll on him.

His elder sister Yabo Adebayor attempted to sell a house he had bought which created a lot of friction for his family. At 31 years, he converted from Christianity to Muslim in a beautiful ceremony. Citing reasons for his conversion, he noted that Christians worship Jesus whom they refer to as God, unlike Muslims who worship God alone.

The soccer player is married to Winner Dillish Mathews and they have a daughter known as Kendra now a teenager. He is also a guardian to his late brother’s son whom he named Junior Emmanuel Adebayor.


Adebayor started his football career at the age of 11 years at the sporting club de Lomé. He moved to France where he played Ligue 1 and 2 scoring 13 goals in 34 ligues. He later moved to Birmingham city at a fee of 3 million pounds[$3,687,405].  He would then make major moves across major clubs in the EPL,  La Liga and Turkish League which all cemented Emmanuel Adebayor net worth status.

Emmanuel Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor played for Tottenham Hotspurs. Photo/ Eurosport

Manchester signed him on a five-year contract at a fee of 25 million pounds [$30,736,300]. Two years to expiry, he signed a loan deal for Real Madrid and played in a semi-final against Sevilla. In 2011, he joined Tottenham Hotspur on a loan.

Adebayor signed a six-month deal with crystal palace in 2016 before joining the Turkish professional football club Istanbul the following year. Here, he played as a striker for 18 months earning 50,000 pounds weekly [$61,451].

Emmanuel won an award at the 2008 CAF African Football of the year breaking a record of the first Togolese to win the award. He also endorsed a contract promoting an energy drink –Power Horse.


In addition to his Emmanuel Adebayor net worth, he has a fleet of cars, jets, power bikes and multimillion mansions in Ghana, Togo, Uk and a summer house in the US. Among his cars is a Rolls Royce which costs $442,146, a Can-am Outlander Spyder worth $22,139 pounds,4 Mercedes Benz,2 Porsches, a BMW and a Range Rover.


1.How old is Emmanuel?

He is 39 years old.

2.What religion does Emmanuel observe?

He converted to Islam from Christianity.

3.Does Emmanuel have kids?

Yes. He has a biological daughter and his late brother’s son whom he named Emmanuel Junior.

4.Is Emmanuel married?

Yes. He is married to Winner Dillish Mathews.

5.What are his sources of wealth?

His income is from football and endorsements.
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