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Mick Schumacher girlfriend
Mick Schumacher's girlfriend Justine Huysman Photo by Media referee
  • The two lovebirds in the recent past stole headlines due to the stylish lifestyle
  • She is a Norwegian born to a retired F1 racing driver
  • The two families have always been friends

With his official exit from Haas to Mercedes as a reserve driver for 2023, there is special focus on this subject; Mick Schumacher girlfriend.

The two lovebirds in the recent past stole headlines due to the stylish lifestyle they live. You couldn’t expect anything less from the son of a legendary Formula One driver, Michael Schumacher.

His father inspired him to continue with his legacy on the Grand Prix but he hasn’t been lucky to match his father’s record. Crashes defined his 2022 season which compounded Haas’ decision to let him go.

Luckily for him, the German automobile maker was there to hold his hand as he evaluates what he wants in life. While the young Schumacher figures out what next with his career, he has done tremendously well in his love life.


Mick Schumacher girlfriend goes by the name Justine Huysman. The ex-Haas driver was first captured in a photo with this beautiful blonde by his side during the test drives in Bahrain.

He would thereafter identify her as his better half. She is the daughter of Harard Huysman, a former F1 driver who raced with Schumacher’s father back in the day.

Schumacher and Huysman families were always friends and it has remained so even now courtesy of their children. The brunette from Norway reportedly accompanied Mick to Formula 2 races where he was a big star but kept it off the public eye.

Mick Schumacher girlfriend

Mick Schumacher girlfriend Justine Huysman. Photo by Iluminary Worth

The family of the German racer stresses the value of keeping their son’s private life a secret going by a documentary titled Mick Schumacher released in 2020. The now Mercedes driver hasn’t spoken publicly about his affair with Huysman saying it is a value of privacy.

“Our privacy as a family is of the utmost importance. Without privacy, some things would be much, much more difficult,” he says in the documentary.


“Partner” is this context is ambiguous but it boils down to two reference. For starters, it could be about Mick Schumacher girlfriend Justine Huysman. Secondly, it could also be talking about his current F1 team which is Mercedes.

In regard to Huysman, the two lovebirds are yet to move in together as husband and wife. At least not to the public knowledge so far because Mick has a way of keeping his private life away from public scrutiny.


Besides Mick Schumacher girlfriend – Huysman – being a bosom buddy, it suffices to say that Sebastian Vettel is a dear friend to him. Schumacher-Vettel closeness is one of the finest friendships in recent years in motorsports.

The two German Formula One racers is fascinating to observe, with both drivers supporting and encouraging one another in good times and bad. Young Mick wrote a heartfelt tribute to Vettel when he announced his retirement this year.

He said that it was sad to see him leave the tracks after making such beautiful memories.

“I’m so sad that you’re leaving, but at the same time excited for you and this new chapter of your life. You’ve been and still are such an important person to me and I’m thankful for our friendship.

“Thank you for everything you’ve contributed to the sport we both love, I can’t wait for our last races together. Thank you, Seb – you’re an inspiration,” he wrote.


Mick Schumacher is no longer with Haas. He was replaced by veteran Nico Hulkenberg at Haas. When working for Mercedes, Schumacher will use the team’s simulator and be prepared to replace Lewis Hamilton or George Russell whenever they can’t compete.

In the 2023 season, Schumacher will attend every Grand Prix and he has expressed his excitement about assuming his new position. Ferrari released a statement indicating they had severed all ties with Schumacher.

He was in their driver programme since 2019. During his two seasons of racing with Haas, Schumacher’s best finish was sixth at the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix.

On the Dane’s return to Formula One in 2022, Haas felt that teammate Kevin Magnussen had outperformed him. Therefore, this informed their decision to let him go.  Nevertheless, it didn’t take away the fame of Mick Schumacher girlfriend.

Mick Schumacher

Mick Schumacher. Photo by AutoSport


Here are F1 drivers with girlfriends.

  1. George Russell dates Carmen Montero Mundt
  2. Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet
  3. Sergio Perez is married to Carola Martinez
  4. Charles Leclerc dates Charlotte Sine
  5. Carlos Sainz dates Isa Hernaez
  6. Daniel Ricciardo dates Heidi Berger
  7. Lando Norris dating Luisa Barossa Oliviera
  8. Sebastian Vettel dating Hanna Vettel
  9. Nicholas Latifi dating Sandra Dziwiszek
  10. Valtteri Bottas dating Tiffany Cromwell

A major lesson Mick Schumacher girlfriend debate teaches is the value of privacy. It is a hard virtue for celebrities but he has perfected it at a young age.

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