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7 casino games premier league fans might enjoy

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Casino gamers will always have their favourite games, and premier league players who enjoy a trip to the casino are no different. Going to the casino is a hobby for many premier league footballers who might enjoy a game of poker or blackjack to help them decompress during the football season or celebrate the end of a successful few games.

With a wide range of games now available to play both online and at traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, professional footballers have many choices available regarding their favourite game, and so do the fans. Online casinos have made it easier than ever for you to try out different games, whether or not you decide to continue playing them over the long-term or get the experience of playing. If you’re a premier league fan, some of the most popular casino games for premier league footballers and fans to play include:



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Poker is one of the most popular casino card games out there, so it’s no surprise that this is the game of choice for many premier league fans and players who enjoy a visit to the casino. It is one of the more complex card games to play at the casino, but once you understand the rules, it’s quite easy to pick up. There are several different variations of this game that you can learn, but Texas Hold’Em is the most popular and the one that most people start with when they are new to poker. It’s a good idea to spend some time researching poker and learning more about the winning hand variations before you start playing.

Video Poker

For footballers and fans who like to play at an online casino, finding a game that they enjoy can be like finding the right premier league games to attend. Many people today have busy lives and want a game that they enjoy and can play on the go. In this case, video poker is often a great choice. Video poker is slightly different to regular poker in that you are playing against the computer instead of other players and is a more solitary game. Online Casinos site can help players find casinos that offer games like video poker. There are reviews and other helpful information.


Blackjack is definitely one of the most popular casino card games out there. It’s a good game for people who like to go to the casino with friends to play. Online blackjack is more likely to be a game that you play on your own against the computer. If you enjoy card games that include using strategies to be in with a better chance of winning then this might be a good choice for you compared to games that leave things up to chance. The game aims to get a combination of cards higher than the dealer – or a ‘blackjack’, which involves two cards that add up to 21, such as a ten or a suite card with an ace.


This game has been a firm favourite among many casino high-rollers, including premier league players who enjoy going to the casino to wind down. It has been featured in a lot of movies and TV shows. Compared to other card games available at the casino, baccarat has several pros and cons, including the main advantage of offering a relatively low house edge compared with other games. Unlike poker and blackjack, baccarat is a game that does not require you to use a strategy or make any decisions, which means it might be a good choice for you if you want to relax while playing and leave things up to chance rather than learning a strategy. casino with Trustly


This can often be a somewhat intimidating game for those who are new to casinos, so it’s more likely to be a game that you’ll find the more seasoned casino gamers trying in the casino. Quite a few people are needed to run a single game of craps. It can have a rather complicated and difficult-to-follow gameplay, so understandably, it’s not always one of the most-played game options available. While you could easily lose hundreds of pounds in minutes with bets that offer some of the worse odds in the casino, it can easily go the other way and be one of the most rewarding games too, based on how you bet. The goal is to roll either a seven or an eleven.



Roulette. Photo by TheTwin Spires Edge

While sophisticated gamblers might not choose roulette for their first choice of casino game, this one is still popular among premier league players and fans who like to visit the casino to wind down and relax. The game does not require you to have a lot of skill, however, bear in mind that it has one of the highest house edges compared to other options. European roulette is a better choice compared with American roulette, with a house edge that is only half that of American roulette. However, many people still play this game as it is exciting and fun, despite having a lower chance of winning than other options.

Slot Games

Finally, slot games are popular with lots of people including premier league football fans. Slot machines leave everything purely to chance and can be a relaxing way to spend your time at the casino if you do not want to strategize or make decisions about your gameplay. Once you press the button or spin the wheel, your bet’s fate is in the slot machine’s hands. Slot machines are a popular offering at the majority of traditional casinos; however, they are even more popular to play online. This is because online casinos often offer slot machines with lower minimum bet options and many more games to play thanks to the fact that they don’t need to be concerned with the amount of physical space that slot machines take up.

Like many people, many premier league players and fans enjoy visiting the casino during their downtime. These are just some of the games that they might choose to play to relax, have fun, and be in with a chance of winning.

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