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9 spots across the world NBA players holiday

Top Vacation spots for NBA players
NBA players on holiday. Photo by Pinterest
  • NBA offseason gives players time to unwind and have a good time
  • Venice, often known as the ‘City of Canals’ is a top destination
  • Ibiza is also popular due to its summertime nightlife and bubbly club music scene

Which is your best guess for top vacation spots for NBA players in the world? The NBA offseason gives players time to unwind and have a good time with their loved ones.

Most of them will take a few weeks for vacation. You can bet that they visit the most stunning and exciting places in the world. Thus, the big question is, which are these magical places NBA stars visit when they are not playing?


Top Vacation spots in Venice

Venice, Italy. Photo by The Guardian

During the 2018’s summer, Minnesota Timberwolves player Jimmy Butler visited Venice, where he jokingly rode a gondola. Venice, often known as the ‘City of Canals, ’ has stunning bridges, gondola rides, evocative streets, and carnival celebrations.

With its lagoon, it is one of the world’s most distinctive cities constructed on 118 islands.           It sheer beauty ranks it among top vacation spots for NBA players in the world.


France’s capital, Paris is a top destination for NBA players in the offseason. Russell Westbrook, a player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, frequently attends Paris Fashion Week.

His NBA friends Carmelo Anthony, James Harden, and Jaylen Brown have tagged along with him in the past. The French capital is a place of cultural delight, starting with food and how you relate with people.


Ibiza is renowned for its summertime nightlife and bubbly club music scene, which draw a lot of visitors. Dwyane Wade, a former Miami Heat player, and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, party here often.

Several other NBA players have also been here making merry and unwinding after a tough season. Ibiza is among the most sought-after top vacation spots for NBA players in the world.


Numerous Egyptians depend on tourists coming to the country to see the magnificent pyramids and learn about its ancient history. Among droves of tourists who fly to Egypt to learn a few things about ancient history are NBA players.

This North African country has many museums and historical sites. Seeing a well-known person like Oklahoma City Thunder Jerami Grant visit Cairo is fantastic.


When Golden State Warriors point man Stephen Curry is not on the court, his first choice for a vacation is Saint Tropez. This is the place where he spends time with his wife and children.

Others lightly say that France is the place where he makes prudent use of the millions he earns in NBA. On a luxurious yacht, he celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary in July 2016. The couple later returned with their two children.


The Bahamas’ islands are a tropical hotspot and among the top places in the world to go on vacation. This tropical archipelago’s beauty, exceptional weather, and the size of 700 islands bring it to the top vacation spots for NBA players worldwide.

Even though Shaquille O’Neal has been out of the NBA for a while, he still finds time to travel to the island. On his last visit in 2018, he had a brush with sharks while in a reinforced and secure cage.



Hawaii. Photo by The Journey Bound

NBA players frequently travel to Hawaii, which is also a great place for family vacations. While visiting Paris, Milan, and New York for their fashion weeks, Russell Westbrook has a strong affinity for Hawaii.

He takes his wife and children on a leisurely and enjoyable family vacation to the lovely island. Several other NBA players, including Stephen Curry and Patty Mills also holiday here.


Iceland’s stunning environment, hot springs, volcanoes, and lava fields have made it a sought-after travel destination. Chandler Parsons of the Memphis Grizzlies travelled to Iceland, wandering through the country’s stunning waterfalls and visiting the famous Blue Lagoon.

The lagoon is a geothermal spa situated in a lava field, and It gives a fresh perspective on travel to Iceland.


Everyone should visit Mykonos, Greece, at least once in their lifetime. Draymond Green of Golden State Warriors is not a new face in Mykonos. Top vacation spots for NBA players in the world are never complete without them.

It’s an excellent choice for a vacation for someone coming off of a championship season because of its cuisine, beaches, and nightlife.

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