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Which Countries has FIFA suspended due to third-party interference?

Kenyan national football team, Harambee stars. Photo:
  • FIFA has strict rules concerning third-party involvement in football
  • Over the years, there are countries that FIFA has suspended over third-party involvement
  • The suspensions are a setback to the country in terms of football
  • Indonesia, for instance, was unable to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup due to suspension

As a result of third-party meddling in football administration, FIFA has just expelled the Indian football governing organisation AIFF from its ranks.

This is not the first occasion that FIFA has taken disciplinary action against a nation for engaging in such activities.

FIFA has a stringent policy regarding third parties meddling with football. This regulation applies regardless of whether the party in question is the country’s government or a private business.

There are quite a few additional countries in addition to India on this list. All of which have been punished by FIFA in the same manner as India.

In this article, we examine the countries barred from participating in FIFA competitions due to intervention from a third party

Indonesia (2015)


Indonesia National football team. Photo/Football tribe

Through third-party involvement, Indonesia was kicked out of FIFA for interfering with the competition. In 2015, the Indonesian government decided to disband the Indonesian Football Association and establish a committee in its place.

Immediately FIFA learned about the incident, it took action and barred Indonesia from participating in any of its competitions. The suspension lasted for two years.

As a direct consequence, Indonesia could not qualify for either the 2018 World Cup or the 2019 Asia Cup.

Pakistan (2017)

Because of influence from a third party, FIFA suspended Pakistan in 2017. The Pakistan Football Federation was made to comply with the demand since a third party had authority over the organization’s finances and headquarters.

In response to persistent claims of corruption inside the PFF, a Pakistani court formed a Committee of Administrators to oversee the organization’s office and accounts, ultimately leading to the ban on the organisation. The prohibition was lifted in March of 2018.

Chad (2021)

During March of the previous year, the government of Chad abolished the Chad Football Association, ultimately leading to the association being banned from FIFA.

In a move that went against the regulations of FIFA, the procedures of the football game were assumed over by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

During October 2021, following a period of suspension that lasted for six months, FIFA eventually lifted the ban after receiving assurance from the government.

Nigeria (2014)

After the country’s performance at the World Cup in 2014, Nigeria was hit with a significant administrative issue.

After a disappointing showing at the World Cup, the Nigerian Football Federation was forced to replace its executive committee, and the Nigerian Court appointed a civil official to take over the management of the office.

On July 9, 2014, Nigeria was disqualified from the World Cup after it was discovered that the nation had violated several of FIFA’s stringent standards.

The Nigerian Football Federation was able to clean up the mess and reopen the office in just nine days, which was a significant step towards lifting the suspension imposed on them by FIFA.

Zimbabwe (2022)


Zimbabwe National football team. Photo/DW

The Sports and Recreation Commission of Zimbabwe decided to suspend the Zimbabwean Football Association after a number of accusations of sexual harassment and corruption were brought against the organization’s office bearers.

However, FIFA disapproved of the Football Federation’s decision to disband, and as a result, they were instantly banned. As long as the suspension is in effect, Zimbabwe will not participate in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

Kenya (2022)

This year, FIFA also decided to ban Kenya from participating. In February, the Kenyan Sports Ministry decided to dismantle the Football Association. As a result, a temporary committee was established to govern the association in the interim.

Despite a direct request by FIFA to the Sports Minister of Kenya to reconsider her decision to dissolve the Football Federation, the Ministry of Sports declined to comply with FIFA’s demand. Kenya remains to be under suspension.

Pakistan (2022)

After authorities from FIFA’s normalisation committee took control of the Pakistan Football Association’s headquarters, Pakistan was barred from participating in this year’s tournament once more.

Because it was obvious that this intervention came from a third party, Pakistan was punished by receiving a second ban.

After the error was discovered and corrected immediately, it took until July for the restriction on PFF to be lifted.


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