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Nick Kyrgios and 6 other most disrespectful tennis players

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios outburst. Photo/Sporting News
  • The most disrespectful tennis players have an impolite and inconsiderate demeanour
  • They are arrogant and unapologetic
  • Most of them are great players

The most disrespectful tennis players have an impolite and inconsiderate demeanour. They frequently lose their composure while competing.

They are notoriously famous for their wrath and several other unsportsmanlike acts. While most players keep their good manners and sportsmanship style, it’s not always the case for everyone.

A few will always act impolitely and make the experience unpleasant. In tennis, as in other sports, it is typical for players to engage in disrespectful and contentious behaviour.

Some let their emotions to take control. There is a rather extensive list of instances in which players lost their composure and did things they subsequently regretted.

However, a few players have a history of engaging in errant behaviours and making unsportsmanlike statements. And as a result, they have earned the reputation of being the most disrespectful tennis players.

This article will tell you which players in the history of tennis known for their disrespectful behaviour.


most disrespectful tennis players


Adrain Mannarino does not have a strong reputation on the professional tennis circuit. Tennis fans dislike the player because he has engaged in disrespectful acts over the years.

During Wimbledon in 2017, he collided with a ball boy. Later, instead of apologizing for his actions, he joked about the incident, which resulted in £7,000 fine.


Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis. Photo/GiveMeSport

Martina Hingis was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2013, but is, incidentally, among the most disrespectful tennis players. Although she has achieved such great success in tennis, Hingis is no stranger to the controversies surrounding the sport.

In 2001, Hingis made controversial statements when she told Time magazine that being black, Serena and Venus Williams.

In addition to that, she mentioned that they are gaining sponsors and privileges owing to the colour of their skin. Hingis later told Matchball magazine that competing against Serena Willaims was akin to competing against a steamroller.

Similarly, in the press conference held at Wimbledon in 1999, she referred to her former doubles partner Jana Novotna as “old and slow.” Novotna had previously won four titles at Wimbledon.


Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors. Photo/Tennis World

Jimmy Connors was one of the best tennis players of all time. He was known for his outstanding play, unyielding competitive spirit, and intense love for the sport.

To this day, he maintains three records for men’s singles competition in the Open Era. These records include 109 titles, 1,557 games played, and 1,274 games won.

On the other hand, his competitive nature always made him an angry man. He had no qualms about challenging the referee, the fans, or anybody else who stood in the way of his success.

The 1991 US Open was the scene of one of his most infamous outbursts of anger. After making a poor decision, he proceeded to berate the umpire and hurl profanity in his direction.


John McEnroe

John McEnroe. Photo/NPR

It’s not unusual for someone to be obsessed with winning, but what is unusual with John McEnroe is the degree to which he abhorred defeat.

He was petty, had a sharp tongue, and displayed an entitled attitude in a number of different ways. He will never be forgotten in the sport of tennis, at least not among the most disrespectful tennis players.

He is most likely the only player to ever refer to officials as “jerks” or hit a ball with the intention of hitting the umpire. After cursing at the umpire and other officials at the 1981 Wimbledon tournament, he came dangerously close to getting kicked out of the match.

In 1990, McEnroe was kicked out of the Australian Open for using profanity toward the umpires who were overseeing his play during the fourth round.

In his playing days, he is said to have broken an uncountable number of rackets, been subjected to large fines, and been banned on multiple occasions for his impolite behaviour.


Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios. Photo/Daily Advent

Nick Kyrgios is widely regarded as one of the most underutilized talents in tennis history. His on-court eruptions have earned him the reputation of being the heir apparent to both John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors.

There is probably no activity that would be considered unsportsmanlike that he has not engaged in. In addition, the events that he was involved in might easily fill an entire book.

He has done everything from vocally abusing fans, tanking, taunting opponents, and shattering rackets to becoming enraged with the official. He wouldn’t miss on the list of most disrespectful tennis players.


Marinko Matesovic is not a particularly well-known tennis player in terms of his performance. But, he has gained a significant amount of notoriety due to his contentious and offensive behaviour.

He is not someone you want to get into a fight with, especially if you haven’t seen him play before. His senior career only yielded modest amounts of success for him. On the other hand, Matesovic appears to have an issue with his attitude.

The public and the press branded him a “Mad Dog” due to his behaviour. Matosevic was never reluctant to engage in outrageous behavior or make controversial statements.

In 2014, he came under fire when he said he would never hire a female tennis coach like Andy Murray.

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