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This English Premier League records may never be broken

thierry henry premier league hall of fame
Thierry Henry scored 20 goals and provided 20 assists in a single season. Photo: HTC


  • There is no question that the English Premier League is among the most prestigious leagues in the world
  •  this League is famous for having both momentous and strange incidents throughout its history
  • Some records have been set throughout the League history that may never be broken

Since its first season in 1992–1993, the Premier League has been responsible for producing a number of the most memorable events in the history of football worldwide. Additionally, there have been several peculiar occurrences in recent history.

There have been a lot of memorable goals scored in the Premier League throughout the years. The Premier League has been around long enough to witness it all, from Alex Ferguson’s Man United dynasty to Arsenal’s invincibles.

We look at the top 10 records that have been set in the Premier League that can never be surpassed:

Fastest hat trick

mane sa

Sadio Mane holds the record of the Premier League;s fastest hat trick. Photo: MARCA

Sadio Mane broke the Premier League’s fastest hat trick record on May 15, 2015, when he scored three goals in just two minutes and fifty-six seconds while playing for Southampton against Aston Villa.

Mane netted the first goal of the match in the thirteenth minute, then scored two more goals in the following two minutes. The final score was 6-1 in favour of Southampton over Aston Villa.

One win in the whole season

The 2007–2008 Premier League season for Derby County was momentous, but not in the way the fans had anticipated.

The club concluded the season with just 11 points and came dead last in the table for the Premier League. In addition, throughout that Premier League season, they were only able to win one of the League’s 38 games.

Best defensive season

The Chelsea team that was coached by José Mourinho in the 2004–2005 season not only managed to win the Premier League, but the Blues also had the finest defensive season of any team in the English top division.

The blues let only 15 goals into their net during the entire league season. Petr Cech, a great goalkeeper for Chelsea, finished the season with 24 clean sheets. Petr Cech’s record of 24 consecutive games without conceding a goal has not been surpass

20 goals and 20 assists in one season


Thierry Henry scored 20 goals and provided 20 assists in a single season. Photo: HTC

Keeping track of 20 goals in a single Premier League season is already one of the most difficult to manage. To top that off, 20 assists in the same Premier League season is an accomplishment that is nearly unimaginable.

Nevertheless, the legendary Thierry Henry of Arsenal could score 20 goals and provide 20 assists during the Premier League Campaign of 2002–2003. The only footballer to achieve this feat is Lionel Messi.

 Most points in a season without winning the title

In recent seasons, the Premier League has been dominated almost entirely by Liverpool and Manchester City. However, the intense competition reached its pinnacle during the 2018–2019 season.

Both teams were in excellent shape and competed against one another head-to-head on a weekly basis. On the season’s final day, a winner was chosen for the championship.

Manchester City finished the season with 98 points, which was enough to win the title, whereas Liverpool finished the year with 97 points and fell short of winning the title by just one point at the very end of the season.

Smallest title-winning margin

The spectacular goal scored by Sergio Aguero that gave Manchester City the Premier League championship is widely regarded as the most iconic moment in the history of the Premier League.

Manchester City and the Red Devils entered the last day of the regular season with the same number of points.

Manchester United ultimately won the game on the previous day, but Manchester City was still trailing, heading into the game’s dying moments.

A goal scored by Aguero in the 94th minute was enough to win the championship for his team. The only thing that separated Manchester City from their competition was an eight-goal advantage and a point deficit of zero.

 The 49 games unbeaten run

unbeaten run

Arsenal team managed by Arsene Wenger went undefeated in all 49 of their consecutive league games. Photo: DeviantArt

In the 2003/2004 Premier League season, the Arsenal team managed by Arsene Wenger went undefeated in all 49 of their consecutive league games.

38 of these 49 league games were played during the “Invincibles” season, which refers to the fact that the Gunners lasted the 2003–2004 season without suffering a single loss.

At the end of the season, they won the English Premier League title and trophy after winning 26 games and drawing the remaining 12 games.

 Most points in a season

In terms of point totals throughout a season, Pep Guardiola has established new benchmarks in the Premier League. In the 2017–18 season of the Premier League, Manchester City amassed 100 points.

City was victorious in 32 of the season’s 38 Premier League matches, losing only two of those contests.

Liverpool finished the season with 99 points to their name despite coming very close to reaching the century milestone of 100 points.

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