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Cristiano Ronaldo networth is estimated at $500 million. Photo: Skysports
  • According to sources, Ronaldo has a net worth of $ 500 million, and the star is ranked by Forbes as the third wealthiest athlete after McGregor and Messi
  • His success in the field is translated to making a lot of money either through salary & endorsements or his numerous business ventures
  • Ronaldo is involved in many endorsement deals like Armani, but Nike is the main one which contributes mainly to his net worth

Cristiano Ronaldo, probably the most famous footballer globally, has barely gone a day without making headlines since his sensational return to his former club Manchester United.

But, after a glittering career at the top of world football, how much money does he make?

Chistiano Ronaldo 2022 Net Worth

Ronaldo Receives an award. Photo: MARCA

Few names in football carry the same weight as Cristiano Ronaldo, an international megastar who has been vying for the world’s number one spot for more than a decade.

Ronaldo’s career appears to be in a strange phase now that he is at Manchester United.

Whereas he has no doubt grown accustomed to playing with some of the best teams ever assembled, he now finds himself on a side that is struggling to find its rhythm or identity.

Despite his team’s struggles on the field, Ronaldo the player is still as feared and revered as ever – and Ronaldo the man’s marketability shows no signs of fading.

Ronaldo is set to rejoin Manchester United in late August 2021. According to Sport Bible, he had sold £187 million worth of shirts by mid-September.


Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, is rich is an understatement; multiple sources estimate his net worth at £367 million, or $500 million.

Ronaldo moved to Manchester United from Turin-based Juventus, where he paid an eye-watering £96 million in 2018.

The fee was the highest ever paid by an Italian club, causing quite a stir when the legendary forward left for just £12.85m three years later.


Chistiano Ronaldo 2022 Net Worth

Ronaldo’s weekly salary is £550,000. Photo: Skysports

The Mirror reported in November 2021 that Ronaldo’s weekly salary was £550,000.

According to Forbes’ revered sporting rich list 2021, the man from Portugal is the world’s third highest-paid athlete, trailing only Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor and Lionel Messi.

According to the publication, the former Juventus player earned slightly more than £50 million in on-field earnings in 2021, accounting for most of his total earnings of £88 million for the year.


CR7 reigns supreme in the modern game when it comes to baller sponsorship deals. Ronaldo is now one of the world’s wealthiest sports figures, and as a result, the endorsement deals keep coming in.

Apart from major sponsors like Nike, Ronaldo has had endorsement deals with top brands like Armani, Tag Heuer, Herbalife, Clear, and Castrol.

Ronaldo’s primary endorsement deal is with Nike! Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nike endorsements contributed significantly to his net worth.

According to reports, Ronaldo has signed a lifetime contract with the sportswear behemoths. According to those reports, the transaction is worth $1 billion. Yes, the figure is incredible, but given the number of followers the Portuguese superstar has on social media, it’s not impossible.

When he extended his previous contract at the Santiago Bernabeu, he renewed his contract with the American company.

CR7 has revealed that he has been appointed as the new brand ambassador for Talabat. This food ordering service operates in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq.

Chistiano Ronaldo 2022 Net Worth

Cristiano Ronaldo after a Ballon d’Or award in the past. Photo/The Independent


Even with such a large Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth, he invests in businesses. Using his celebrity, the five-time UCL winner has established his brand.

There is no greater advertisement than him, and he has fully utilized it to grow his own business. Most soccer fans already know that his investment primarily focuses on the underwear line.

It does, however, include other clothing, leisure, and home products. In addition, the handsome man owns several hotels in his home country.

Those hotels are called Pestana CR7 after his surname. It currently has two locations: one in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, and the other in Funchal, his hometown on the island of Madeira.

In 2016, he joined forces with Crunch, a US-based health company. They opened their first store in Spain’s capital. It was dubbed ‘CR7 Fitness.’

He opened a hair transplant clinic in the first half of 2019. Inspira is the name he gave it, and it works in Spain.

The owner of over 800 soccer goals does not appear to be finished with his businesses and is expected to expand his investments in other fields.


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