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6 worst food for a footballer athlete

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worst food for a footballer athlete
The worst food for a footballer athlete. Photo/YouTube
  • Foods that increase inflammation in the body have long-term effects on performance and health
  • Most of them would pass off as beneficial to the body but they aren’t
  • Anything with artificial sweeteners is a no-go zone, same to foods with vegetable oils as they increase cholesterol build up in the body

Stirring up sports performance requires you to observe a very strict diet. That calls for discipline to avoid the worst food for a footballer athlete.

Why? Because athletes are already under a lot of physical stress. Foods that increase inflammation in the body have long-term effects on performance and health.

And in most cases, the worst foods make it all worse by lowering your sporting performance and negatively impacting your health.

Therefore, it’s prudent to avoid inflammatory foods especially if you’re planning on doing a lot of physical activity in the near future.


Some of the worst food for a footballer athlete could be what you love most. However, chances are that it has negative effects on sporting performance.

Thus, these are the worst meals a footballer must avoid.

worst food for a footballer athlete

worst food for a footballer athlete. Photo/CBS News


Fast food doesn’t escape this; it’s bad for every footballer. Many of the fast-food items you buy are fried, refined, and not particularly healthy.

Chicken nuggets are a popular snack, but there are better options for a nutritious meal other than them. Fried foods are likely to cause inflammation and sickness due to trans fats,  found in these foods.

The danger of eating them increases with the fact that they are not home prepared.


There is more to worst food for a footballer athlete than just the performance perspective. Studies show that there is a type of cancer linked to dried, cured, and smoked meats.

They include the favourite sausage and bacon that are irresistible. There are healthier options available, such as bacon made without nitrates or nitrites, locally produced sausage, and Krave beef jerky.

Processed meat products mean pork and cattle farmed in feedlots and treated with hormones and antibiotics. Chicken raised in underground coops could also be fed a diet rich in inflammatory foods, antibiotics, and hormones which makes it inflamed.

Thus, the source of your meat should always be a concern. Such meats are the worst food for a footballer athlete.


There are both good and bad fats out there. Avocado, olive, and coconut oils should be used in place of inflammatory oils like vegetable oil.

Unhealthy oils lead to cholesterol build up and ultimately cardiovascular diseases. As a footballer, they inhibit your performance in a big way.

Instead, try monosaturated fats. Canola oil, avocado, macadamia nuts (pistachios, macadamia, almonds, cashews), and sunflower seeds are examples of monounsaturated fats.

Flax, chia and walnuts are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. You can also get Omega-3 from fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, halibut, and trout.


When it comes to sports nutrition, gluten induces gastrointestinal upset leading to other health issues. Therefore you should avoid it, especially during the season or on days of intense training and competition.

In any case, the healthiest options are those that are free of gluten. Nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits are excellent alternatives. Meat products such as pasture-raised chicken and fish are all perfect gluten-free options.


Avoid dairy products from cattle that have not been grown on organic or grass-fed pastures. They contain whey and casein – two kinds of dairy protein.

Organic, grass-fed and pasture-raised dairy products are preferable to conventional ones because they are less likely to cause inflammation in the gut.

Besides, when taking dairy products, ensure you do plain Greek yoghurt and low-fat cheese. These are healthier options.


worst food for a footballer athlete.

Worst food for a footballer athlete. Photo/Women’s Health

Any food or drink with artificial sweeteners ranks high among the worst food for footballer athletes. A lot of sports nutrition, low-fat, and diet items contain artificial sweeteners.

What happens is that these sweeteners disrupt the gut microbiome. As a result, your body responds the same way to sugar-free or low-calorie foods as it does to sugary foods.

Look for a product that doesn’t contain sucralose.


In contrast to meals with minimal nutritional value, occasional “junk food” does not harm a soccer player’s health if eaten in moderation. It is possible to eat well without following a strict diet plan.

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