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10 footballers who cheated on their wives

Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry is one of the cheating footballers. He cheated on his wife. Photo/Sky SPorts

Cheating is almost a universal thing.  It was there centuries ago and is still there and the most outspoken of all of this is footballers cheated in relationships.

Usually, it is a big deal, not because they are saints but for their celebrity status in the world. The truth is that flings and following the heart at times lead to the wrong path in life.

And this is exactly what has happened to a dozen footballers involved in cheating scandals.

Here they are 10 footballers who have cheated on their wives.

Mesut Ozil

footballers cheated

Mesout Ozil. Photo/The Guardian

This one was not pretty at all. Ozil his ex-lover-cum singer Mandy Capristo broke up dramatically. This was after several accusations of cheating with on her with the ex-wife of a former team-mate. The German international is known for his technical creativity in the pitch.

Ashley Cole

He is a former legend for Arsenal and Chelsea. And he had a thing for fine ladies in hairdressing and modelling. He went out with two models and a hairdresser before his girlfriend knew about it all. The former left-back English player left a trail of lessons with the scandal.

Thierry Henry

Nothing pains the former Barcelona star-like memories of cheating on his ex-wife. After walking down the aisle in 2000, he decided to taste the waters outside. He dated a make-up artist and it ended up badly. His wife found out and it cost him £8 million, to settle their divorce.

In describing Henry’s contributions to Arsenal, all there is to tell is how great he was.

Although it’s difficult to pick just one highlight from Henry’s illustrious career, his goal in August 2002 is as good a place as any to begin.

The previous year, he had helped Arsenal win their first trophy of the season, scoring 32 goals in the process.

Wayne Rooney

A decorated footballer he is but the former English footballer cheated on his wife several times after their marriage in 2008. He had a thing for twilight girls who went public about his cheating ways. So, the last time his actions got public was because he didn’t pay the prostitute he was sleeping with.

Sadly, his wife was heavily pregnant at the time with their second child.

Ryan Gigs

It is stunning that his wife brushed it all and decided to give him another chance. Ryan cheated on his wife with a model. When everything blew out, he did not leave him. It took many people by surprise that she opted to stay even after such damning truth. Well, love always wins in the end.

John Terry

Ever heard of a cheating scandal of high magnitude? This describes John Terry. It blew up so bad that it became the biggest infidelity scandal involving a football player. Terry couldn’t resist sleeping with Wayne Bridge’s wife. Bridge was his teammate and it shocked the world that this happened.

His relationship with Bridge took a nosedive and they never talked again after this.

Royston Drenthe

Just like Wayne Rooney, the Dutch player cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with their secondborn.  He had an affair with a sassy female journalist. He couldn’t let it go and he ended hurting his wife. It remains a puzzle what became of their relationship afterwards.

Olivier Giroud

This one was bad. So, Giroud was spotted with a glowing model, Celia Kay at a hotel. They made merry throughout the night which is when the story blew up. Cornered, he admitted to cheating with Kay.

Giroud is currently a striker with AC Milan and the France national team. He is often regarded as one of the most underappreciated attackers in the world because of his work ethic, strength, shot power, and consistent goal-scoring ability.

Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra. Photo/Stretty News

He followed in the steps of many other footballers who were thrilled by the beauty of models. He got into a relationship with a model who defended herself saying she was in the dark about Evra’s marital status.

Evra is a former striker with AC Milan and the France national team. He is often regarded as one of the most underappreciated attackers in the world because of his work ethic, strength, shot power, and consistent goal-scoring ability.

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