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Overcoming resistance to video solutions in Africa

Video solutions in Africa

Video solutions can shape and change the face of sports in Africa. However, stakeholders have faced various bottlenecks in their pursuit to bring the necessary changes into the game.

Automated video solutions is not a new concept in the world of sports. Nevertheless, some clubs and federations are not aware of this game-changing tech service. Due to this ‘technological barrier’ it becomes hard to employ and effect a change that has so many benefits, socially and economically too. It is the reason though why tech services are increasing their efforts in a bid to educate the sports’ governing bodies on these solutions.

Since the level of knowledge on technology and innovation is not advanced, policymakers are adversely affected as they make decisions based on their level of information. With an open mind to new methodologies to make a better and well-informed decision, they can see a massive boost in their operations in sports. They will be able to come to conclusions that suit the current generation and tech era.

Money drives the economy and so is said about the sports industry. Some federations are so money-central that they miss the opportunity to invest in solutions that can solve their financial crises. The deployment and employment of automated video solutions could be a bridge to invite partnerships and sponsorship that would finance their operations, leagues, tournaments and other events that could set them on the sports map.

Federations can easily lure partnerships with automated video solutions

Federations can easily lure partnerships with automated video solutions. Photo: Getty Images

Leaders in sports federation departments barely have a say in initiating change independently. Ideas or petitions need to be ‘verified and approved’ by the board before operation go. This is a positive approach, however, if the board can back some positive, progressive ideas. Once the board or committees can get on board with the automated video solutions, it becomes easy to implement other innovative ideas. It becomes a collective responsibility and mark of unity in the journey to better the face of sports.

While there is a bevvy of challenges that slow down the entrance of technology and innovation in sports, where there is a will, there is a way. Technology companies like Sky-Scout Group are open to offering solution-based services to climb the giants that are a roadblock to sports in Africa.

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