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Boost revenue with AI solutions

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Boost revenue with AI solutions

In our previous article, we highlighted how sports clubs and federations could use AI solutions to significantly boosting fan engagement. While some organizations deem tech solutions as expenses and not investments, tapping into this wave of technology, enables them to woo sponsorship for clubs and events, commercialization and advertisements to boost their profits margin.

Sports feed in live stats, scores, updates and highlights keep fans in the loop of what is happening in their sports of interest. Having video solutions integrated into clubs’ websites and even social media platforms has the potential of driving organic traffic and increasing the number of website users which can be a leverage for landing profitable partnerships.

According to Web FX, slow-loading websites lead to a $2.6 billion revenue loss each year. The blog also states that 74% of users are more likely to return to a mobile-friendly website.

Having high website traffic increases the chances of onboarding partnerships with betting companies that provide the latest odds, live betting and news. To some extent, even live sports streams that will boost web traffic and fan engagement.

high website traffic increases the chances of onboarding partnerships

High website traffic increases the chances of onboarding partnerships. Photo: Getty Images

Over-the-Top media services provided by tech solution companies as well could be game-changer that bypasses traditional distribution.

The ripple effect is not only gaining unique website users over time and popularity but increased social media presence.

Live streaming on social media platforms with the aid of video solutions can easily spike the number of social media following and attract potential deals. Advertisers and sponsors will most likely come on board.

In essence, integrating AI solutions as those offered and distributed by tech solution providers such as Sky-Scout Group will always increase income in the long run. They offer answers to the question of how to increase revenue while giving value.

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