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Who will be Ferrari’s best driver in Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher history?

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lewis hamilton vs michael schumacher
Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher. Photo/Sky Sports
  • You can’t help but draw a comparison between Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher debate
  • Schumacher, a seven-time F1 world champion just like Hamilton, drove for the Italian team until 2013 when he got into a skiing accident
  • Hamilton is moving to Ferrari in 2025

You can’t help but draw a comparison between Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher debate at Ferrari. Schumacher, a seven-time F1 world champion just like Hamilton, drove for the Italian team until 2013 when he got into a skiing accident.

He is never returning to Formula One and a section of motorsport fans feel that Hamilton is the man to continue his legacy. Hamilton’s entry at Ferrari, according to Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, is substantially different from Schumacher’s time with the team in the mid-1990s.

The British driver will leave Mercedes at the end of the 2024 season and try his luck with Ferrari starting Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher 2025. He is gunning for an eighth championship with Scuderia after three disappointing seasons with Mercedes.


In Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher debate, there are compelling reasons why each of them is a great F1 driver. Here are some stats.

Michael Schumacher

Has a record for the most podium finishes (155) and World Championships (7). His generation dominated the sport by emphasizing consistency and calculated racing.

Lewis Hamilton

He is exceptional at moving quickly and adjusting to new regulations and he has 103 podium finishes. Besides, he has several years in F1 which will surpass Schumacher’s 155 podium finishes.

Both Formula 1 legends have always battled it out against formidable competitors which brings out their skills for raw speed and strategic track mastery.

lewis hamilton vs michael schumacher

Michael Schumacher vs Lewis Hamilton. Photo/CNN


As Hamilton heads out to Ferrari next season, F1 pundits led by Domenicali have pointed out contrasting differences between him and Schumacher. One significant distinction between the two most successful drivers in Formula One history is that Schumacher joined Ferrari with just two titles under his belt before going on to win five straight titles between 2000 and 2004.

With seven titles under his belt, Hamilton joins the Scuderia family. He is up against elevating Ferrari’s return to the pinnacle of Formula One as they attempt to unseat Red Bull which has dominated the circuit. The F1 CEO has directly worked with Schumacher as Ferrari team principal and he says there are a lot of differences between Hamilton and the German driver.

What is different, according to Domenicali, is that Hamilton’s relationship with his teammate differs greatly from Schumacher’s. He said that the current Ferrari lead driver may pose a challenge for Hamilton because he [Leclerc] will never accept wingman duties.

“Lewis will have to play with someone like [Charles] Leclerc, who will never accept wingman duties,” Domenicali told Italy’s Leo Turrini for Quotidiano Nazionale.

However, the F1 boss is optimistic that Fred Vasseur, the Ferrari team boss will broker a harmonious working relationship between them.

Another stand-out difference in Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher comparison is that he is not retiring any time soon. Although he will be 40 in 2025 when he joins Scuderia, Hamilton brings with him a hunger for victory that Mercedes hasn’t satisfied yet.

“Hamilton has lost none of the talent and is still hungry for success,” he added. Domenicali added that Hamilton’s talent is needed in Ferrari despite Carlos Alcaraz displaying how good he is. But, with Hamilton, Ferrari is looking beyond the racing tracks to marketing opportunities.


Why lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton. Photo/Sports Illustrated

Hamilton competed against Michael Schumacher for three seasons before the German suffered a skiing accident in 2013 that has him bedridden since then. In 2010, just as Hamilton was beginning his career with the Mercedes team, Schumacher made an unexpected return to Formula 1. They competed in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Their rivalry was notable because it involved two future F1 icons at different phases of their careers, even though it wasn’t as long-lasting as some others in the sport’s history.


As far as the debate goes, the Mercedes driver holds Schumacher in high regard. In defence of his assertion that racing for Ferrari was always a childhood dream, Hamilton said that as a child he had enjoyed playing the Grand Prix 2 video game with his favourite driver being Michael Schumacher.

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