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Why lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton. Photo/Sports Illustrated
  • News broke last week of his exit from Mercedes after 11 years
  • He joined Mercedes as a teenager and has been with the team ever since
  • He won seven F1 World Championship title with the team headed by Toto Wolff

The biggest question in Formula 1 has to do with why Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025.

News broke last week of his exit from Mercedes after 11 years which shaped his career in F1. He will race for Ferrari in the next season.

This piece of news was the biggest in Formula One since a season started and many of his fans were left divided on whether this is the best decision as he approaches the end of his career.

Why Lewis Hamilton is Leaving Mercedes

In a lengthy Instagram post, Hamilton said that his childhood dream was to race for Ferrari but his stint with Mercedes complicated his ambition.

Mercedes gave him powerful and fast cars for nine years and it was amazing racing for the team. In fact, he won his seven F1 titles with the Silver Arrows until the 2022 and 2023 seasons where the car failed to live up to his expectations.

ferrari signing lewis hamilton in 2025

Ferrari is pursuing prospects of signing Lewis Hamilton in 2025. Photo/Sky Sports

He says that shifting camp to the Italian team is finally fulfilling his childhood dream of racing for Ferrari. However, this wasn’t an easy decision for him to make because he remains entirely indebted to Mercedes for having him in the last decade.

“Mercedes has been a huge part of my life since I was 13 years old, so this decision has been the hardest I’ve ever had to make,” he said.

The British driver, who joined Mercedes in 2013 acknowledged the team’s role in turning his childhood dreams into reality. Hamilton expressed gratitude for the hard work, and dedication of everyone he worked with.

This includes Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff, with whom he formed the most successful Driver-Team partnership in F1 history.

His decision to move to Ferrari is solely binded in his belief that he will make history once more just like he did with Mercedes from 2014 to 2020.

“But the time is right to make a change and take on a new challenge. I still remember the feeling of taking a leap of faith into the unknown when I first joined Mercedes in 2013. I know some people didn’t understand it at the time but I was right to make the move then and it’s the feeling I have again now. I’m excited to see what I can bring to this new opportunity and what we can do together.”

What Does Lewis Hamilton Feel About Mercedes?

Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes doesn’t diminish the profound impact the team had on his life. He lauded Wolff and other team members for always supporting him in his quest to make history in F1.

The soon-to-be British driver for Scuderia Ferrari credited his achievements in the tracks to the German team.

lewis hamilton 2023 f1 season

Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. Photo/Fox Sports

“I’m incredibly proud of all that we’ve achieved together and I’m very grateful for the hard work and dedication of everyone I have worked with over the years and of course Toto, for his friendship, guidance and leadership.

“Together we have won titles, broken records and become the most successful Driver-Team partnership in F1 history,” his statement further read.

What Plan Does Lewis Hamilton Have for Mercedes This Season?

His focus remains on the upcoming season with Mercedes. He asserted his commitment to winning an eighth F1 title to cement his legacy with the Germans.

The seven-time world champion insisted that he is fitter and more focused than ever this season. He invoked a release option in his contract to leave Mercedes one year early after signing a two-year contract extension last year.

The move stunned everyone in the sport especially Wolff who had banked his hope on the F1 star driver. He recently got his contract extended as well.

Ferrari initiated its first poach in 2023 when the team reportedly offered Hamilton $49 (£40 million) million to sign him.

The 38-year-old was at the time in limbo since his contract with Mercedes was expiring at the end of the 2023 season.

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