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What does LeBron James eat?

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what does lebron james eat
Los Angeles star LeBron James. Photo/New York Post
  • The NBA keeps its flavour due to its association with some of the best talents
  • A big part of this talent has everything to do with performance
  • And performance is dependent on what one eats

The NBA keeps its flavour due to its association with some of the best talents, but do you ever wonder; what does LeBron James eat? He is a big star carrying the Los Angeles Lakers on his back at 39.

Looking at the all-time scorer in the NBA, there is no trace of aging which is from his strict diet and workout. James stands as a towering figure, not just for his remarkable basketball prowess but also for his dedication to maintaining peak physical condition. Many fans and fitness enthusiasts alike often wonder, what’s on his plate.

This article highlights his dietary habits; what food he loves and what he avoids to stay fit.


Breakfast is often hailed as the most important meal of the day, and for James, it’s no exception. The NBA superstar prioritizes a balanced breakfast to kickstart his day on the right note. He opts for a nutrient-rich meal consisting of whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. Oatmeal topped with fruits and nuts, along with egg whites and avocado toast, is a popular choice. This combination provides sustained energy, and essential nutrients, and supports muscle recovery after intense workouts or games.

what does lebron james eat

NBA star Lebron James. Photo/Business Insider


Despite his status as a global icon, the Lakers point guard maintains a grounded approach to his dietary preferences. Thus, on what does LeBron James eat question, he enjoys a variety of foods to meet his nutritional needs.  His favourite food remains grilled chicken because it serves as a versatile protein source for his daily activities. Moreover, he mixes it up with various dishes, from salads to wraps and stir-fries.

Its lean profile makes it an ideal choice for maintaining muscle mass and supporting overall health. Besides chicken, he enjoys eating lean meats with vegetable salad and fruits. Salmon is also a favourite due to its rich nutritional value.

In an interview with Menshealth in 2021, he explained what his diet looks like, especially in the lead-up to action.

“Before competition for me would be like a chicken breast and maybe a little pasta. The carbs help because you’re going out and playing a lot of minutes,” he explained. “But a salad and some veggies will have me perfectly fine. And before the game I might have a protein shake and some fruit, and I’ll be ready to go.”

How much sugar does he take?

“So the sugars I kinda cut out, but the carbs I kinda ramp up. Because you’re losing so many calories, you’re burning so many calories, burning all your energy throughout those games. So I kinda go heavy on the carbs because it gives you energy. It’s worked for me.”


lakers future after lebron james retires

LeBron James. Photo/SkySports

While on the subject of what does LeBron James eat, it’s worthwhile noting that he no longer eats at McDonald’s. The NBA star even acknowledged that the reason he cut ties with fast-food franchises was because they “didn’t share some of the same core values.”

While occasional indulgences may be part of his lifestyle, he emphasizes balance and moderation in his diet. Consuming fast food regularly contradicts the principles of optimal nutrition and performance that he upholds. Instead, he focuses on whole, minimally processed foods to fuel his body efficiently and sustainably.

He made it clear that he takes his diet seriously. He treasures eating like a king because he understands what he feeds his body directly impacts his performance on the floor.


LeBron James’ dietary choices have sparked speculation about whether he follows a vegetarian or plant-based diet. However, he is not strictly vegetarian, although he incorporates plant-based foods into his meals regularly. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains feature prominently in his diet, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. By prioritizing plant-based options, he emphasizes the importance of incorporating diverse sources of nutrients for overall health and performance.


Would a few slices of pizza feature in what does LeBron James eat? Truthfully pizza holds a beloved place in the hearts of many, including James. However, like other indulgent foods, he approaches pizza with moderation and mindfulness. While he may enjoy a slice occasionally, particularly during downtime or as a treat after a hard-fought victory, pizza is not a staple in his everyday diet.

Instead, LeBron focuses on nourishing his body with nutrient-dense meals that optimize his athletic performance and support his long-term health goals.


To sum up, LeBron James’ eating patterns show a wholesome approach to nutrition, focused on giving his body the needed nourishment for peak performance. He loves a wide variety of foods, but he places a higher value on full, nutrient-rich foods that assist muscular recovery, give long-lasting energy, and advance general health.

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