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What Eliud Kipchoge diet plan looks like

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Eliud Kipchoge diet plan
Eliud Kipchoge diet plan. Photo/BBC
  • Eliud Kipchoge diet plan is simple and organic
  • He prefers plant-based proteins as opposed to meat
  • Most Kenyan keep their meals simple with Ugali, rice, bread and tea taking centre stage

Eliud Kipchoge diet plan is a huge part of his huge success and admits so.

After winning gold in Tokyo and Rio in 2016, and setting a new world record in the Berlin Marathon in 2018, Kipchoge set world records.

Then, he taught the world a new lesson on pushing limits during the INEOS challenge 1:59 challenge in 2019.

Kipchoge admits that his success on the tracks has a lot to do with his diet and training. True to it, he is always training with his team at Kaptagat Training Camp in Eldoret.

Every week, Kipchoge puts in between 124 and 136 miles of running to stay in shape for his next workouts. The workouts, despite being difficult, are well-structured and his diet plan compliments it all.

Kipchoge has in the past candidly talked about his training, food, and mentality.

In his book Eliud Kipchoge. History’s fastest marathoner. An insight into the Kenyan life that shapes legends, he dedicates a whole chapter to diet.

What is Eliud Kipchoge’s Diet?

Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge during the INEOS challenge.[Credit/]

Eliud Kipchoge diet plan is devoid of indulgent fare like steak, poultry, sausages, or French fries – all of which are common in American diets.

Kipchoge, just like many other athletes consume a simple diet. It comprises rice, potatoes, porridge, and beans.

Kipchoge’s gruelling training schedule from Tuesday to Saturday necessitates this diet in order to rebuild the body’s strength so that he can compete at the highest level of marathoning.

What’s interesting is that he takes meat once a fortnight. Most of his dietary needs come from organic foods sourced from nearby farms within Kaptagat.

Rice, Ugali, and chapati are the main fuel foods in the Eliud Kipchoge diet plan.

Ugali is a type of corn cake made from maize meal and baked in water. The starch content of this dish is really high, and the flavour is abysmal. It is a common meal among athletes and Kenyans in general.

Kenyan long-distance runners rely heavily on ugali, which accounts for over a quarter of their daily calorie intake.

Then there is African nightshade, a dark leafy vegetable. Locally, it is known as ‘managu’ and is famed for its nutritious contents.  There are different ways of preparing them including boiling them in milk.

The most prominent protein sources in Eliud Kipchoge diet plan are eggs, and beans. They supply the much-needed protein.

Usually, beans are served alongside rice while eggs accompany ugali and the African nightshade.

Eliud Kipchoge diet

Eliud Kipchoge diet of Ugali and African night shade ‘managu’. Photo/Sweet Elite

Bread and chapati appeared are also frequent meals for Kipchoge. Chapati is an Indian style flatbread similar to naan. After his weekly long run of 30/40 kilometres, basic white bread, or chapatti do it for breakfast.

Fruits like bananas are a portion of popular snack food. Every day at 5 p.m., Kipchoge, and other athletes at the training camp gather to drink a cup of porridge.

The porridge is prepared from millet, water, and sugar. It supplies all their energy needs. In terms of beverages, there will be a lot of African tea – boiled water, milk and tea.

All-day, the runners seemed to be guzzling milky sweet tea. Brown sugar is mostly used as a sweetener.

Many Kenyan runners prefer sweet tea. Sugar accounts for a fifth of the carbs in their diet, according to one study.

Incredibly, there are runners that prefer tea to water when training! 450 kcal is equal of five cups, so let’s get started.

Mursik, a local drink – fermented milk – is a delicacy Kipchoge loves to bits.

Kipchoge says Mursik is critical in the world of sports. It helps in quicker digestion, and this has a huge impact on an athlete’s performance.

Remember that some of the world’s best athletes are powered by simple, natural foods that don’t require the newest food science and tailored nutritional items.

And natural foods is all there is to Eliud Kipchoge diet plan. He told BBC at a past interview that his track success is out of proper nutrition.

“Athletics is like working in a construction company: You’re working with your hands, mixing cement and everything. So what I mean is, what you eat is really crucial as far as energy spread is concerned.”

As for cheat meals, an occasional soda is always on the list. But, he keeps the discipline in his diet even in the face of temptation.

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