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steph curry virtual reality project
Steph Curry virtual reality project. Photo/VR Scout
  • Steph Curry virtual reality project is a game-changer in giving NBA fans an immersive experience
  • He stands tall as one of the best shooters in NBA history
  • The American exudes a charming and charismatic demeanour

For the love of the game, Steph Curry virtual reality project is a game changer in giving NBA fans an immersive experience.

He stands tall as one of the best shooters in NBA history and this has earned him a significant fan base. Overall, the American exudes a charming and charismatic demeanour that players and non-players find to be positively impactful.

Aware of the love, support and inspiration he gets from millions of Golden State Warriors fans, the point guard came up with the VR project. But what is it all about? This article tells you everything you should know.


Dubbed ‘Steph VR’, the project is giving fans an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of basketball. There is a pop-up location in downtown Oakland. In recent seasons, Curry’s extraordinary shooting prowess hasn’t merely impacted the game of basketball. It has fundamentally transformed its dynamics.

On the verge of clinching a third NBA Championship, Curry transcended being a mere human cheat code. He evolved into a complete operating system. Under Armour took up the Steph Curry virtual reality project challenge to honour fans of the Warrior’s fans.  The firm immersed fans in this system with a 360-degree experience that transported fans into a virtual world of reality.

steph curry virtual reality project

Steph Curry virtual reality project. Photo/ronisebatstian

Fans had the opportunity to experience the delight of the VR project remotely and at a downtown pop-up space in downtown Oakland. The temporary Samsung-sponsored VR gallery enriched the basketball experience that many people haven’t enjoyed.


Collegiate and professional teams use virtual reality (VR) to allow players to study their playbooks at their own pace. This approach is the most preferred in recent times because it allows players to learn without the risk of injury. They also go over plays that require further explanation with a lot of ease.

The inception of Steph Curry virtual reality project is among the most resourceful VR modules. His charisma makes it easy for budding and established players to learn as much as they can.  Sports science indicates that subjects easily understand concepts in respective sports if they learn them from a successful sportsman in the respective sport.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry. Photo/Sky Sports

Therefore; the Golden State Warriors player is the icon inspiring and teaching basketball to a new generation in a different way. In addition, Soccer and basketball are two other professional sports that use virtual reality. But, the NBA holds the record for being the first to use technology to help with training and game improvement.

There are a dozen basketball video games on eSports which sharpen skills just virtually as much as on the floor.


Curry’s charitable endeavors towards the Oakland community surpass his skill as a basketball player. He was welcomed and supported through his greatest moments in the NBA and the toughest of them too

Curry was named the 2022–23 Kareem Abdul–Jabbar Social Justice Champion by the NBA in recognition of his charity activities during the previous season. He has been a vocal supporter of voting rights, gender equality in sports, and food security in poor regions.

The two-time MVP unveiled a fresh initiative in 2023 to carry on Oakland’s grassroots school district renovations. Curry together with his wife Ayesha announced the official announcement of a plan to provide the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) with an additional $50 million in funding to support students’ aspirations.

Beyond Steph Curry virtual reality project, the couple founded a charity foundation, Eat. Learn. Play in 2019. Its aim is to empower Oakland youngsters by giving them access to safe play areas, wholesome meals, and high-quality reading materials.

Ayesha told CBS: “It’s the fact that these are three very simple things in life that every child should have access to”, Ayesha Curry told CBS News. “And so when you’re not afforded these things, it’s like, how can I even dream?”

“These kids deserve an opportunity to achieve their full potential, especially those from the Black and Brown communities” Curry added.

In general, Steph Curry virtual reality project is wholesomely contributing to the development of the NBA at the collegiate and professional levels.

Teresa is a journalist with years of experience in creating web content. She is a wanderlust at heart, but an outgoing sports writer with focus on tennis, athletics, football, motorsports and NBA.

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