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Why 24 million South Africans are avid esports gamers

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Africa esports Championship
South Africa esports. Photo/rushesportsZA
  • If you are a sports lover and you want something more thrilling, try the Africa Esports Championship
  • AEC is a premier esports league in Africa founded in 2020
  • Its intent is to promote and develop esports in the continent

If you are a sports lover and you want something more thrilling, try the Africa Esports Championship (AEC).

AEC is a premier esports league in Africa founded in 2020 with the intent of promoting and developing esports in the continent. The championship features popular games, including FIFA, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire among others. These games create a fierce competition spirit and lead a huge army of fans across the world.

This fierceness in competition has born invariable motivation for players and lots of prizes for skilled players. Moreover, AEC has an enhanced focus on community engagement, with its regular tournaments bringing players together. Since its inception, the AEC has proven to be a significant triumph, playing a pivotal role in elevating the status of esports in Africa.

Moreover, this league continues cultivating a fresh cohort of professional esports athletes within the continent.


Electronic sports – esports – is a term for competition involving video games. Essentially, esports are planned, multiplayer video game contests between professional players, individually or in teams. The prize is huge especially for the top 10 esports games available today. Some of them include the following:

League of Legends. Photo/PCGamesN

  • League of Legends
  • The Dota International
  • The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major
  • The Call of Duty League
  • The Valorant Champions
  • The Call of Duty League


There certainly are Africa Esports Championship teams. The continent boasts a burgeoning esports landscape with a multitude of teams, especially in South Africa. This rapid growth has led to the participation of teams from various regions across the continent, competing at the highest echelons of competitive gaming.

One example of success within African esports is Goliath Gaming, a formidable South African team. Renowned for its prowess, Goliath Gaming has secured victory in numerous tournaments spanning a range of games, including FIFA, PUBG Mobile, and Dota 2. Their achievements extend beyond local competitions, as they regularly vie for supremacy in international esports events.

Additionally, Aperture Gaming, another South African esports team, has made significant strides in the African gaming scene. Notable for their assertive gameplay and cohesive teamwork, Aperture Gaming has clinched multiple triumphs in FIFA and PUBG Mobile tournaments, cementing their status as a thriving force in the world of esports.

Here are other popular AEC teams.

  1. Bravado Gaming (South Africa)
  2. Vx Esports (South Africa)
  3. Sinister5 (South Africa)
  4. ATK (South Africa)
  5. Team Undying (Nigeria)
  6. GodSENT (South Africa)
  7. Tempo Storm (South Africa)
  8. Goliath Gaming Africa (South Africa)
  9. Masters Esports (South Africa)
  10. KHK Esports Africa (South Africa)
  11. Influence Rage Neoflux (South Africa)
  12. E9SPORTS (South Africa)


Esports is a multi-faceted industry with various stakeholders. Game developers and publishers create and fund the games used in Africa esports championship tournaments. Esports tournament organizers are responsible for event logistics, including securing sponsors, venues, and teams.

AEC teams support professional players with finances and resources. Media and streaming platforms broadcast tournaments globally and create additional content. Sponsors financially back teams, tournaments, and players while promoting esports to a broader audience. Beyond these, government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations also contribute to the esports ecosystem.

This collaborative network of stakeholders sustains and propels the growth of esports, encompassing everything from game creation to event organization. It also includes player support, broadcasting, and wider outreach, making it a diverse and dynamic industry.

Skin Gaming

Skin Gaming. Photo/Outlook India


South Africa is the bedrock of Africa esports Championship. This country has over 24 million gamers which is the highest in Africa. Data shows that this is about 40% of its population are ardent gamers followed by Ghana and Nigeria.

One of the reasons why South Africa is so popular in esports is its high internet connectivity rate of over 70% across its population. Secondly, smartphones are affordable and this increases the ease of access to esports championships. In addition, a rapidly growing gaming culture is fuelling the growth of AEC in the South.


The Africa Esports Championship is a crucial development in the world of electronic sports because it provides a platform for the development of African esporting talent. It is also promoting esports to a wider audience in Africa.


  1. What are the biggest gaming countries in Africa?

South Africa and Nigeria are the biggest gaming countries in Africa.

  1. What country dominates esports?

China and the US have dominated esports on a global level while South Africa dominates on a continental level.

  1. Is esports a good career?

Esports is a great career with the right skills. Players earn big.

  1. How do I start earning from esports?

Become a professional esports player, and stream your games.

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