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lakers future after lebron james retires
LeBron James. Photo/SkySports
  • What is Lakers future after LeBron James retires
  • James turns 40 next season
  • His contract expires next season

What is Lakers future after LeBron James retires? James turns 40 next season and it is just a matter of time before he drops the big announcement of his exit. This calls to question what happens to the Los Angeles Lakers after his departure.

This is a question lingering on the minds of many Lakers’ fans and it is as intriguing just as it is sad seeing James leave the team. The Ohio-born basketball star has in the recent past called his team to action over roster changes. But he is trying to secure the team’s future in hindsight unbeknownst to many.


Currently, James wears the Lakers jersey, and he will likely continue to do so for the next week. However, history shows he’s not afraid to leave struggling teams. The Lakers seem to be approaching the end of their championship window, or at least nearing it.

With James being 39 years old, his time as a Laker—and possibly as an NBA player—is limited. The inevitable truth is that he won’t be a Lakers player for long. Both parties need to acknowledge and prepare for this eventuality. In this accord, the NBA trade deadline shed an interesting perspective on Lakers future after LeBron James retires.

Warriors vs Lakers

LeBron James was the hero as Lakers secured a thrilling victory over the Warriors. Photo/ Peking Palace.

Though he will not be traded, the Lakers should prepare on how to move on after his departure which is oncoming. James has never been dealt but he was the target of some of the most vocal rumors during his 21-year NBA career recently.

But amid these rumours, James hasn’t made things easy for the Lakers as evidenced by his tweets. The recent one featured an hourglass following the Lakers’ humiliating loss to the Hawks. A tweet like that, especially after a significant defeat only conveys his discomfort with the running of the team.


L.A Lakers can’t trade James because his contract has no formal no-trade clause. But, he could opt to leave to another team before his age window catches up with him.  James’s stature in the league is such that his presence alone acts as a deterrent to any potential trade. If he doesn’t wish to move, he could simply retire. Any attempt by the Lakers to trade him against his wishes would permanently tarnish their reputation as an organization.

Prospective stars eyeing Los Angeles would undoubtedly question the organization’s loyalty. The fear is that if they trade James, they could do the same to anyone. Given the Lakers’ reputation as a star-friendly franchise, such a move is unthinkable. And it happened, it puts the team on a line of irreparable damage. It is such a complex look at the wider picture that is Lakers future after LeBron James retires.


LeBron James stands a basketball ageless wonder but there is a lot about him than there was before. It is the question of when and not if he is retiring. While whispers of him hanging his jersey have followed him in recent years, his recent trade deadline frustration and cryptic social media activity have reignited the discussion.

The 39-year-old playing for Lakers in the 21st season, has defied Father Time like few athletes before him. Despite battling injuries and a demanding workload, he remains a force, averaging 30 points this season. However, the Lakers’ struggles – currently hovering around .500 – have sparked speculation about his future.

phoenix suns vs lakers

LeBron James during against Phoenix Suns. Photo/

James’ recent online activity, featuring hourglasses and “next chapter” musings, hints at dissatisfaction. He wants a winner, and the Lakers’ current trajectory doesn’t align with that desire. This raises a crucial question: Will James force his way out and chase a championship elsewhere? If not, will he remain loyal and see out his final years in Los Angeles? However you look at it, Lakers future after LeBron James retires still remains a dominant factor for consideration.

The Lakers face a dilemma. Trading for a quick fix now could appease James but might mortgage their future. Ignoring his pleas could push him away, severing ties with Klutch Sports, a vital pipeline for talent. James’ decision impacts not just the Lakers’ present but also their post-LeBron future.

While no official announcement has been made, James’ contract expires next season, with a player option for another year. Will he chase another ring elsewhere? Will he embrace a farewell tour in Los Angeles? Or will he defy expectations again and play beyond 40? Only he knows for now.

Teresa is a journalist with years of experience in creating web content. She is a wanderlust at heart, but an outgoing sports writer with focus on tennis, athletics, football, motorsports and NBA.

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