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Andy Roddick’s robbery incident by a Russian police officer in 2006

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andy roddick’s robbery by a russian police officer
Andy Roddick. Photo/Fox News
  • He recently narrated all this like it happened yesterday despite it happening 18 years ago
  • The former world No.1 was in Russia for the 2006 Davis Cup
  • A police officer robbed him with threatening verbal violence

Andy Roddick’s robbery by a Russian police officer in 2006 is a memory that has never left his mind.

He recently narrated all this like it happened yesterday despite it happening 18 years ago. Although he ranks among the best tennis players in tennis history, he doesn’t have as much recollection about playing tennis as he does about the robbery incident.

About Andy Roddick’s Robbery by a Russian Police Officer

The former world No.1 was in Russia for the 2006 Davis Cup when the incident happened. Roddick, who is the 2003 US Open winner disclosed that he hasn’t been back to Russia since that incident.

He recalled that the police officer threatened to put him in jail if he resisted handing him $300 he had in cash.

“I got robbed by a police officer on the street in Russia in 2006 when we were there for the Davis Cup. True story. Came up and said how much cash do you have? I said $300… he simply said give it to me or go to jail,” wrote the American.

“I paid it and he went on his way. No emotion. Transactional. Let’s not get to that level of normalising crazy s**t. It ain’t it. Never went back,” he narrated on his X account.

andy roddick’s robbery by a russian police officer

Retired American tennis Andy Roddick. Photo/Paper City Magazine

During the semi-finals of the 2006 Davis Cup held in Moscow, Roddick competed for the United States. However, the USA suffered a narrow 3-2 defeat to eventual champions Russia.

His match against Dmitry Tursunov, which extended to a gruelling fifth set with a score of 17–15, concluded in defeat, ultimately securing victory for the hosts in the pivotal fourth rubber.

Roddick extended his support to the American squad at the 2007 Davis Cup.

Did Andy Roddick Report the Robbery Incident By Russian Police?

He says that he did not report this incident for fear of more harm in a foreign country. He let it slip and flew back home safely.

“Nope. I wanted to do my job, and get out of there safely. At that time, I didn’t wanna make a stink in case it was just a bad actor. Looking back, I now understand the surrounding factors,” he explained.

The Davis Cup, is popularly known as the ‘World Cup of Tennis’. It is an annual international men’s team competition with over 150 participating countries from across the world.

Founded in 1900, it boasts the title of the world’s largest annual team sporting event. Matches feature head-to-head battles in singles and doubles across different tennis surfaces.

Winning teams advance through knockout stages, with the champion crowned during the Davis Cup Finals held in different cities each year.

Who is Andy Roddick?

Andy Roddick is an American tennis player who was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on August 30, 1982. He showed an interest in tennis at an early age.

In 2003, Roddick made history by winning his first Grand Slam championship at the US Open after a nail-biting final match against Juan Carlos Ferrero. With this victory, he ascended to the top of the ATP rankings, becoming the new world No. 1.

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick. Photo/US

Audiences around the world were enthralled with Roddick’s matches against tennis greats like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer during his career.

His trademark weapon became his blistering serves, which frequently reached speeds of 140 mph. Both colleagues and fans dubbed him “A-Rod” for this reason.

Tennis legends posed fierce competition for Roddick, but he persisted in imposing his will on the court. With 32 ATP singles wins under his belt—five of which were ATP Masters 1000 titles—he cemented his place as one of the most powerful players of his generation.

In addition to his achievements, Roddick was instrumental in helping the United States win the Davis Cup.

Every Davis Cup match he participated in demonstrated his love for representing his nation, winning him the respect of supporters everywhere.

After more than ten years in the game, Roddick announced his retirement from professional tennis in 2012. Aspiring tennis players from around the world find inspiration in his unflinching passion for the game and his tireless pursuit of excellence.

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