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why sadio mane left bayern munich
Sadio Mane at Bayern Munich. Photo/CNN
  • Bjorn Bezemer has opened up on why Sadio Mane left Bayern Munich
  • Bezemer for the first time in a long time gave a blow by blow account of what happened
  • He joined Bayern Munich in June 2022 from Liverpool

Bjorn Bezemer has opened up on why Sadio Mane left Bayern Munich a year after joining the German Bundesliga team.

Bezemer for the first time in a long time gave a blow by blow account of what happened between the 31-year-old Senegalese football player and the club.

He joined Bayern Munich in June 2022 from Liverpool upon signing a three-year contract with the club. However, things went south very fast at the club after suffering a fibula injury.

Why Sadio Mane Left Bayern Munich

Bezemer in a tell-it-all interview with After Foot RMC stunned football fans with firsthand revelation on why Sadio Mane left Bayern Munich.

According to his agent, Mane’s exit from Bayern wasn’t a decision based on goodwill. The Germans wanted to get rid of him because they could not understand how he was the highest earning footballer yet he is an Africa.

“It wasn’t a footballing decision (to sell him). Sadio’s salary bothered the Germans, they didn’t understand how an African joins the club and becomes the top earner ahead of everyone, so they wanted to get rid of him,” he explained.

Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane had a difficult 2022-23 season. Photo/ Transfermarket.

So bad was it that Mane had depressing moments because top crème of the club never told him on his face that they would get rid of him. But they did everything to prove this indirectly by frustrating him.

They used the team’s manager Thomas Tuchel to convey this message to him. Thuchel had just joined the club after his unceremonious sack by Chelsea.

“They never called the player’s representatives. They never told Sadio face-to-face that they wanted to get rid of him. They just sent (Thomas) Tuchel to tell him that he will be a third choice left winger.”

His agent adds that he has never understood why Bayern acted this way yet his client’s football success is courtesy of Liverpool.

The transfer fee for Sadio Mane from Liverpool to Bayern Munich was reportedly £35 million, with the potential to rise to £41 million based on performance-related clauses.

This included an initial guaranteed fee of around £27.5 million, with additional payments possible based on appearances and team and individual achievements.

“Sadio has nothing to prove to the Germans. He didn’t become what he’s become thanks to Bayern. It was thanks to Liverpool. Bayern were ungrateful. They were paying an African all this money, and that hurt them,” he remarks.

What Happened With Bayern and Mane?

Bezemer relived details of the underhand tactics Bayern Munich was using to kick him out of the club.

Initially, the club made it public that they were willing to part ways with him for €20m (£17.3m). However, upon witnessing his impressive return to training, they decided to increase the asking price to €30m (£25.9m).

Sadio did not engage in any deceitful practices regarding his compensation. Right from the initial discussions with Bayern, he committed to joining them without delving into salary negotiations.

Sadio Mane Al Nassr transfer

His representatives took charge of negotiating his pay and this is what happens to every footballer of international repute.

Thus, Bezemer adds, he did not ‘steal any money’ nor did he illegally earn when he was at Bayern as the Germans perceived simply because he is of African descent.

He rightfully earned because of how great he is as an international footballer but Bayern was too blinded to see this.

Is Sadio Mane Married?

sadio mane married

Sadio Mane with his wife Aisha Tamba/Essentially Sports

The Senegalese footballer married Aisha Tamba on January 7, 2024 in a ceremony held in Dakar. His family and friends attended the wedding where the 31-year-old Al-Nassr player exchanged vows with Tamba, 18.

He met her when she was 16 but restrained himself from saying much because she was a minor. He spoke to his uncle about his interest in her and he approached Tamba’s father who is an architect and conveyed this information.

Two years later, they are a couple who are happily married.

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