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nba controversies in 2023
Will Barton of Toronto Raptors. Photo/BVM SPorts
  • NBA controversies in 2023 are some of the auxiliary things basketball fans always look out for
  • There is an element of shock and surprise
  • They spice up the season

NBA controversies in 2023 are some of the auxiliary things basketball fans always look out for in hindsight each season.

There is an element of shock and surprise that comes with the not-so-good news from the hardwood floors of the NBA. Still, they spice up the season much as they do irreparable damage to some people/families. This season wasn’t an exemption either.

What Made NBA Controversies in 2023?

Ja Morant Indefinite Suspension

March 2023 was a nightmare for Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant. Whispers of violence and reckless behavior, from altercations with minors to brandishing weapons, followed him endlessly. Then, on the first weekend of the month, the dam broke.

In a nightclub after a game, Morant went live on Instagram, casually flashing a pistol to the camera. The video went viral, instantly lending weight to the swirling rumors. The Grizzlies swiftly suspended him for 2 games, but within 24 hours, the situation escalated.

Ja Morant

Ja Morant. Photo/People

The team announced Morant’s indefinite suspension, citing a need for him to seek appropriate help. His penchant to be on the wrong formed the foundation of NBA controversies in 2023.

Dillion Brooks Anger Issues

Dillon Brooks has built a reputation as the NBA’s resident villain, and on February 2nd, things boiled over in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. A cheap shot on Donovan Mitchell sparked a massive scuffle, and with it, a renewed chorus of criticism towards Brooks.

The incident reignited the debate about Brooks’ on-court persona. Commentators, fans, and even other players have weighed in, voicing their disdain for his perceived dirty play. The question now is: will Brooks apologize and attempt to change his image, or will he double down and embrace the villain role even further?

Los Angeles Lakers Unfairly Targeted

The Los Angeles Lakers found themselves caught in a tumultuous situation, and the blame didn’t entirely lie with them. While their performance has been inconsistent this season, their recent challenges have a distinct flavor of controversial officiating. The Lakers faced a series of disputed calls, particularly in critical moments of close games.

Notably, their star duo, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, became victims of blatant fouls at the buzzer on four separate occasions. These apparent fouls, if acknowledged, could have swayed the game in the Lakers’ favor.

However, the referees chose to remain silent, leaving both fans and players frustrated. The aftermath was booking a slot in the list of NBA controversies in 2023.

NBA biggest rivalry

Lakers vs Celtics. PHoto/CBS Sports

The NBA Referees Association attempted to address the issue on Twitter with a somewhat tepid apology, acknowledging the missed calls but attributing them to human error. Yet, this apology did little to mollify the already irate Lakers fanbase. The prevailing sentiment online is clear: there’s a perception that the referees are intentionally working against the Lakers.

With each disputed call, tensions between the referees and the Lakers intensifed. James has been vocal about his frustration, openly questioning the officiating and demanding accountability. Head coach Darvin Ham has also expressed his displeasure, urging the league to take decisive action.

Exodus at Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors found themselves in a precarious situation, stuck between mediocrity and contention. The team’s performance has left key players such as Fred VanVleet, OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, and Gary Trent Jr. discontented, fueling reports of their desire to leave.

The overall atmosphere is tense, highlighted by confrontations like Thaddeus Young nearly clashing with second-year player Scottie Barnes. The team, once at the pinnacle of the NBA, is rapidly descending, grappling with internal discord and a challenging season.

Kyrie Irving Unsettling Presence at Dallas Mavericks

The anticipation was high when the Dallas Mavericks secured the services of basketball superstar Kyrie Irving, with expectations of an explosive team. However, the reality has been quite the opposite as it leans more on NBA controversies in 2023.

What was envisioned as a championship-caliber squad with the addition of a title-winning player now finds itself out of the play-in tournament and struggling with less than six games left in the regular season.

Speculation is rife about tension between the two superstars, with Luka Dončić openly stating that he is no longer enjoying playing on the court. Though not explicitly mentioning Kyrie, the implication is clear, contrasting with the apparent joy before his arrival.

Mark Cuban Selling Dallas Mavericks

American billionaire Mark Cuban reportedly sold a part of Dallas Mavericks to Miriam Adelson. Adelson owns the multimillion-dollar Las Vegas Sands. The deal entails Cuban selling a sizable portion of his stock share of the NBA team. But he will still be in control of all basketball-related decisions.

Dwight Howard Lawsuit

dwight howard lawsuit

Former Lakers player Dwight Howard. Photo/

Although this is not a new case, it took an interesting twist this season. Dwight Howard who last played for Los Angeles Lakers is facing charges of s3xual assault after making out with another man, Stephen Harper.

However, his recent court filings state that his legal team have enough evidence that he did not coerce Harper into the act as he claims. His attorneys argue that it is Harper who has been to him asking for more.

Draymond Green Suspended

Draymond Green who plays for the Warriors as a forward is indefinitely suspended following an incident where he struck Jusuf Nurkić of Phoenix Suns. Greens struck Nurkić in the face on December 12 at Footprint Center.

Josh Giddey Act With Minor

The Oklahoma City Thunder forward is the target of increasing public criticism and attention as he continues to be looked into for a possible improper act with a minor.

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