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Michael Jordan Nike contract 1984 that made him a billionaire

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Michael Jordan nike contract 1984
Michael Jordan in 1984. Photo/Basketball Network
  • Michael Jordan Nike contract 1984 always evokes lots of emotions in the sporting world
  • It is this contract that saw him walk away from a $10 million Nike deal years later
  • But he was already a millionaire

Michael Jordan Nike contract 1984 always evokes lots of emotions in the sporting world. It is this contract that saw him walk away from a $10 million Nike deal years later much to the surprise of his fans.

A billionaire athlete now, Jordan pulled the plug when he cut ties with the American sports apparel manufacturer. No one could comprehend how he walked away from a $10 million Nike deal. It was even harder to comprehend that he ended all existing partnerships with the sportswear giant after decades of working together.


In 1984, Jordan, then an emerging talent in the NBA, inked a groundbreaking five-year pact with Nike. The firm was then a relatively modest sportswear company. Valued at an unprecedented $2.5 million, the deal was a bold venture for both parties. Jordan’s professional prowess was untested, and Nike operated as a niche player in the footwear market.

Michael Jordan in 1984

Michael Jordan in 1984. Photo/ESPN

This audacious move yielded monumental success. Jordan’s captivating performances, combined with Nike’s innovative marketing strategies featuring the iconic Air Jordan sneaker line, catapulted both entities to unprecedented levels of success. The contract stood out for several reasons.

It introduced a 25% royalty clause for Jordan on all sales of his signature shoes, an unusual and highly lucrative provision for athletes during that era. This forward-thinking clause laid the groundwork for contemporary athlete endorsement deals. Furthermore, Jordan enjoyed a level of creative control over the design and marketing of his shoes.

This set a precedent for future athlete collaborations. The five-year commitment, unusually long for its time, reflected Nike’s confidence in Jordan and marked an enduring and mutually beneficial partnership.

Michael Jordan Nike contract 1984 still stands as one of the biggest marketing collaborations in history between him and the firm. It reshaped the sports apparel industry and established a channel for more lucrative deals for generational athletes decades later.


michael jordan chicago bulls

Michael Jordan. Photo/Sky Sports

While often characterized as a “lifetime contract,” the specific details of Michael Jordan’s enduring partnership with Nike remain undisclosed to the public. What is known is that Michael Jordan Nike contract 1984 Jordan was a five-year agreement with Nike, valued at $2.5 million.

This groundbreaking contract included a remarkable 25% royalty on the sales of his signature shoes. Following the initial contract, Jordan continued to engage in various endorsement deals with Nike.

Why Did Michael Jordan Turn Away $10 Million Nike Deal?

Just recently, the NBA legend ended his association with Nike, throwing away a $10 million deal. Unfortunately, his exact reasons for declining a $10 million offer from the American sportswear firm and ending their existing partnerships are unknown. Both parties have remained tight-lipped about the details surrounding the split.


Nike paid the fines for Michael Jordan when he wore the Air Jordan 1 in 1984. The NBA fined Jordan $5,000 for each game he wore the shoes because they violated the league’s uniform policy. Nike agreed to pay the fines, which amounted to over $50,000, in exchange for the publicity that the controversy generated.

It was a hard start since this was the first of Michael Jordan Nike contract 1984. Despite starting on the wrong foot, it eventually birthed decades of a lucrative association.


michael jordan nike contract 1984

Michael Jordan. Photo/Forbes

The original Nike contract for Jordan was $500,000 each year for a period of two-and-a-half years. This contract proved immensely beneficial for the retired basketball star, propelling him to opulence. As much as the initial $2.5 million contract was already a substantial sum, the real wealth came from the unprecedented 25% royalty clause on Jordan-branded shoes. This generated billions for the NBA star, making him a sports icon and a global brand in his own right.

The Air Jordan sneakers became synonymous with Jordan’s success and iconic style. Nike’s marketing campaigns further cemented this association, using his image and achievements to build an unparalleled brand around him. This extended beyond basketball, solidifying Jordan as a cultural phenomenon.

Lastly, through the Nike partnership, Jordan’s name and image transcended national boundaries. His sneakers were coveted worldwide, and his endorsement deals with other brands flourished due to the global recognition he gained through Nike.

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