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matteo berrettini mental health
Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini. Photo/The Sport Review
  • Tennis star Matteo Berrettini recently shared the depths of his mental health battles
  • He only played 23 games in 2023
  • He battled with mental health illness and injuries

Tennis star Matteo Berrettini recently shared the depths of his mental health battles and the struggles he faced with injuries throughout the 2023 season.

Berrettini, known for his powerful game on the court, disclosed that his time away from tennis was not just about physical recovery but also a necessary pause for his mental well-being.

The Italian tennis player only played 23 matches in the challenging 2023 season. He unveiled a side of his journey that went beyond the physical toll of injuries.

Speaking at a Davis Cup press conference, he said that 2023 gave him a lot of reasons to be sad.

“There are many, many reasons why I was really sad. First of all, obviously because I couldn’t compete, which is the thing that I love to do,” he remarked.

Matteo Berrettini Mental Health Struggles

The Italian tennis sensation delved into the emotional strain he felt during the process of returning to the sport after injuries. He confessed that the joy and challenge he once found in the comeback were elusive this time.

matteo berrettini mental health

Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini. Photo/Daily Express

“When I was feeling something on my body, I was really struggling. I went down. Mentally I wasn’t ready to face the challenge,” he shared.

Berrettini said taking a tennis break made him realize and appreciate the importance of being off the court to focus on his mental wellness and physical condition.

His injuries made him feel like he didn’t want to play tennis ever again and it affected his mental health in a big way.

“I wasn’t enjoying the process of coming back, that it was, like, kind of like the key before. Unfortunately I had many injuries, but I always found, like, kind of, not the joy, but, you know, the challenge of coming back and feeling kind of like, okay, now I put the work in.

“And I wasn’t feeling that. When I was feeling something on my body, I was really struggling,” he revealed.

How Did Matteo Berrettini Cope With Mental Health Struggles?

Despite the challenges, Berrettini spoke about the unwavering support he has received from those close to him.

“The support, it’s always been there, especially from the people that care about me and they were with me and they’re with me,” he said.

Acknowledging the dual nature of fame, he added, “It’s kind of normal, I think, in today’s world that when you become someone you get love and you get some hate, as well (smiling).”

Reflecting on the criticism that comes with being in the public eye, Berrettini shared his initial surprise at negative comments.

It was difficult for him at the beginning to understand why a tennis player could get so many bad comments or bad press. The Italian who is dating Melissa Satta had a hard figuring out why people hate on others who are doing what they love.

However, the athlete shifted his focus to what truly matters to him and this was the beginning of his healing mentally.

Matteo Berrettini French Open

Matteo Berrettini. Photo/Tennis Infiniity

The bile spewed by critics no longer bothers him because he understands that all he has to do is focus on being a better tennis player.

Nonetheless, Berrettini expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received from fans and well-wishers during his bumpy times.

Fans checking up on him helped him cope with the negativity projected towards him by several quarters.

Will Matteo Berrettini Play in 2024?

The tennis break has done him a big favour as he is now focused on getting back to action at the Australian Open in 2024.

The tennis star expressed his love for playing in Australia, citing fond memories and a particular affinity for the tennis swing Down Under.

He says that he has great memories there which is why he always looks forward to his return to the first Grand Slam of the year.

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