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10 most hated NBA players in 2023

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LeBron James
LeBron James. Photo/Sky Sports
  • One thing for sure worth mentioning is that the ‘hate’ in this case is relative
  • Nonetheless, it is purely based on fan perception during the 2022/23 season
  • Memphis Grizzlies has a hard task at hand in redeeming themselves from the most hated NBA club of the season

The debate on the most hated current NBA players is a touchy subject.

One thing for sure worth mentioning is that the ‘hate’ in this case is relative. Nonetheless, it is purely based on fan perception during the 2022/23 season. Before SportsLeo dives deep into the most loathed players this season, Memphis Grizzlies have a hard task at hand in redeeming themselves from the most hated NBA club of the season.

A part of this bile is because of Ja Morant’s off-court problems. He was arrested a few months ago over gun drama at a Colorado club and later acquitted but this was still negative publicity for the club. Further, Dillon Brooks’s instigator mentality taking center stage during the season hurt the club so much as far as fan love goes.

So, the same season matrix applies to basketballers whose charm didn’t sit well with fans in the season. Here are the most hated current NBA players.


LeBron James Injury

LeBron James Injury. Photo/Yardbarker

It’s understandable why LeBron James stands on the other side of fan love. He is perhaps the greatest basketball player ever and has defeated your team on multiple occasions. However, his gaffes and self-proclamation as the G.O.A.T. fanned the flames during the season. He recently passed Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, which attracted both praise and hate.


One of the basketball players most despised is the guard for the Milwaukee Bucks. His egregious dirty tricks, which began at Duke, are the cause of the hatred. He introduced that to the NBA and has a YouTube playlist of dirty plays. Alex Caruso of the Chicago Bulls will miss two months of activity due to a fractured right wrist after his hard foul.


Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving in action for the Brooklyn Nets. Photo/ Sporting News.

Irving is a talented scorer who has made some big shots in his career. However, he has also been criticized for his inconsistent play and his tendency to disappear in big games. His controversial statements always leave a bad taste in the mouth. He had his run-ins with NBA following anti-semitic utterances months back that saw his suspension without pay by Brooklyn Nets. On top of this, he lost his Nike sponsorship and  labelled him among the most hated current NBA players.


The seasoned guard has likely endured hatred during his whole NBA career. Despite being one of the most gifted, his aggressive defence and insults make him a tough opponent. As a result, he has had ongoing disputes with players like Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook until they resolved them.


The Canadian basketballer playing for Memphis Grizzlies is undoubtedly among most hated current NBA players. During the 2021/2022 playoffs, he hurt Gary Payton II. He struck Donovan Mitchell in the groin, criticized Draymond Green and the Warriors, and declared the Memphis Grizzlies to be a dynasty. Brooks’ trash talking hasn’t helped him at all, and the list is lengthy. Still, while playing the Lakers, he and Shannon Sharpe engaged in a highly publicized argument which he started.


The seasoned Golden State Warrior won four NBA championships and a Defensive Player of the Year honor. That encourages him to say whatever he wants, at least he thinks so and fans’ outrage over this is now at unparalleled heights.


Kevin Durant with head coach Steve Nash

Kevin Durant with head coach Steve Nash. Photo/

The Suns player joined the Golden State Warriors in free agency after leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder. Some people referred to it as the NBA’s worst move. He left for the Nets after winning two championships. Not long ago, he asked to be traded to the Suns which triggered some bile among players. Additionally, Durant’s line of thought on social media doesn’t always impressive.


Since taking home the NBA MVP award in 2017, Westbrook’s productivity has significantly decreased. His heated news conferences and altercations with supporters aren’t helpful. He received greater criticism for his subpar efforts for the Los Angeles Lakers when everyone expected his A-game.


Simmons is a gifted athlete with the ability to become a star. He has drawn criticism for not having a jump shot and for being reluctant to shoot the ball, though. Additionally, he declined to play for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2022–2023, which resulted in a transfer to the Brooklyn Nets.


In recent years, the Phoenix Suns star’s reputation has soared. The primary reason Booker draws so many critics is because of his escalating rivalry with Dallas Mavericks player Luka Doncic. The shooting guard’s insults directed at the Slovenian superstar backfired dramatically when they suffered a humiliating loss in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals.

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