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Emma Raducanu earnings
British tennis player Emma Raducanu. Photo/Eurosport
  • Emma Raducanu  earnings in 2023 continue to soar
  • Raducanu is raking in £10MILLION in off-court deals
  • She is yet to make full recovery

In a twist of fate, Emma Raducanu earnings in 2023 continue to soar despite her being away from the court in 2023.

Raducanu is raking in £10 million in off-court deals according to Mail Sports, which is a major show of success.

She turns 21 on Monday and her star continues to shine despite a rocky tennis career ever since she won the US Open Grand Slam in 2021.

The British tennis star is currently the world No.285 but this hasn’t stopped pounds flowing in millions for her. Raducanu She has generated at least $137 million through her various sponsorship deals since 2021 when she won her first and only Grand Slam.

Some of the big brands throwing their weight behind her are Nike, Wilson, DIOR, EVIAN, Tiffany&Co among others.

Emma Raducanu Earnings 2023

These companies have supported her through the toughest point in her tennis career which is partly the reason why she has massive off-court sponsorship deals. She had three surgeries this year which she is still recovering from.

emma raducanu sponsorship earnings

Emma Raducanu with her British Airways endorsement. Photo/SportsMint Media

Raducanu began experiencing pain in her wrist in early 2023 which she initially attributed to overuse and tried to manage through rest and physiotherapy. However, the pain persisted, and she was eventually diagnosed with a bone marrow edema, a condition that causes inflammation and pain in the bones.

She underwent a minor procedure on her right hand to address the bone marrow edema. The procedure was successful, but the pain returned a few months later. Raducanu underwent a second procedure on her right and left wrists this time involving shaving down bone spurs that were causing additional irritation.

In addition to her hand injuries, Raducanu also suffered an ankle injury in early 2023. The injury occurred during a training session and was later diagnosed as a sprained ankle. She initially rested and underwent physiotherapy, but the ankle continued to cause pain and discomfort.

She also underwent surgery to repair the ligaments in her ankle at the same time that she had her wrists surgery. Recent developments indicate that the schedule for her return to the court has been disrupted due to a setback in the wrist area approximately six weeks ago.

As a result, she won’t participate in an exhibition match in Macau next month as many hoped.

Though she is yet to put in any type of consistent practice time, there is still hope that she will return for the start of 2024 season in Auckland ahead of the Australian Open.

The primary training efforts are currently centered at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton, with support from the Lawn Tennis Association’s general coaching and fitness staff.

Insiders observe a more reserved demeanor as she goes about her routine, potentially a response to the intensified scrutiny following her exceptional breakthrough in the summer of 2021.

Despite accumulating considerable wealth, there’s still no indication of a dedicated coach or support team present. Her ambivalent stance toward coaches, well-documented alongside her father Ian, was evident in the recent conclusion of her association with German coach Sebastian Sachs.

Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu out of Australian Open 2023. Photo/The Telegraph

Reluctance to continue payment during her post-surgery recovery in early May contributed to the separation. What perplexes supporters of her immense potential is the decision not to enlist dedicated fitness and physio personnel, despite ongoing physical challenges.

Tim Henman, a key figure during her triumph at Flushing Meadows, emphasizes the crucial need to address this foundational requirement for her continued success.

However, she recently explained that she asks too many questions which is a turn-off to most coaches and that’s why she has had five coaches since 2021.

She said in an interview with BBC Radio 4 Today show that most of her coaches couldn’t keep up with her questions. They end up falling off the way.

“I ask a lot of questions of my coaches. On certain occasions, they haven’t been able to keep up with the questions I’ve asked them and maybe that’s why they don’t follow through.

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