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Why Stephen Jackson’s wife never signed a prenup

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stephen jackson wife
Stephen Jackson with his wife Tamara Jackson. Photo/
  • Retired NBA star Stephen Jackson wife Tamara Jackson does not have a prenuptial agreement with the player
  • Tamara came into the former NBA player’s life after his relationship with his ex-wife Imani Showalter
  • Tamara and Jackson wedded in 2021

Retired NBA star Stephen Jackson wife Tamara Jackson isn’t one to dare in anything involving her prenuptial agreement with her husband.

Tamara came into the former NBA player’s life after his relationship with his ex-wife Imani Showalter went south. Showalter refused to sign a prenuptial agreement as Jackson wanted and this was the reason why their marriage ended in a stance. A prenuptial agreement, often referred to as a prenup, is a legally binding contract that two individuals enter into before marriage.

It is primarily utilized by individuals with significant assets, like those worth over $20 million in cash, businesses, properties, and luxury cars. The primary goal is to safeguard their hard-earned wealth before tying the knot.

Numerous athletes have unfortunately seen their well-earned fortunes diminish due to divorce proceedings. That’s why a prenuptial agreement serves the essential purpose of outlining how assets and debts are distributed in the event of a divorce or separation. Additionally, it covers other vital matters such as spousal support and the respective rights and responsibilities of each partner during the marriage. That’s what Showalter refused to sign and now Tamara is clearing the airwaves about it.

stephen jackson wife

Stephen Jackson’s ex-wife Imani Showalter. Photo/Suggest


Tamara Jackson is Stephen Jackson wife. The pair met after Jackson ended things with Showalter due to her refusal to sign a prenuptial agreement. He said that he would never marry anyone who is not ready to sign a prenup and the speculation in it all was that she signed one too.

In a rejoinder, Tamara said that although her husband breaking up with Showalter over a disagreement on a prenuptial agreement is true, it is old news. She wondered why the topic always resurfaces 20 years later. She explains that she did not sign any prenuptial agreement with Jackson for the eight years they have spent together.

“Anyway, Stephen and I have been together for 8 years since 2015 and married for almost 2 years now since 12/5/21. There was never a pre-nup mentioned to me…not before our wedding, during our wedding, or any other time in our whole relationship for that matter,” she states.


Jackson is forever engaged to his wife Tamara. The couple tied the knot in 2021 and she is happy with her marriage and status as Stephen Jackson wife. Going back to the controversy about her terms of engagement with her hubby, Tamara says she never had an issue with signing a prenuptial agreement if she was ever needed to do so.

Nevertheless, she admits that Jackson knows she fully loves him and unconditionally. That’s why for eight years, Jackson never raised the topic and does not intend to do so.

“I’m not sure what kind of contract/pre-nup he required in previous relationships but the word pre-nup was never brung to me not one time. Would I have signed one? Yes, but Stephen knows what we have is REAL LOVE, he knows I’m nothing like the rest. Therefore he knew a pre-nup wasn’t necessary with me. I made it TO, THROUGH and PASS the altar with him, strictly on LOVE so I could care less about anything from his past. It’s 2023 and yall talking about something from 20 years ago lol.”

So for those people wasting their time commenting on such old news, Stephen and I are happily married with no pre-nup, no child support obligations no strings attached, nothing just pure genuine LOVE so y’all can keep entertaining and living in the past if yall want but as for Stephen and I that story is old and irrelevant. We’re busy writing and creating stories and memories of OUR love story.”

Tamara jackson stephen jackson

Stephen Jackson with his wife Tamara Jackson. Photo/Press Room Warner bros


Besides the sideshows with his ex-wife Imani Showalter, his podcast “All The Smoke” makes him famous. He co-hosts this podcast with Matt Barnes who is also a retired NBA player. Their interviews are raw and real unlike in the modern-day media outlets. It is during one of his shows that he opens up about Showalter playing games with signing the prenuptial after their wedding.

“A month passed, two months before the wedding, I’m like we need to get that prenup signed, so when we get down there to Houston, we ain’t gotta worry about it. I told her that like two or three times,” he narrates.

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