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Rose Naliaka, golfer changing lives in Kenyan slums

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Rose Naliaka
  • She is a former golf professional player
  • She was the first female golf professional player
  • She is the founder of Naliaka Golf Academy

Rose Naliaka is a trainer, coach and mentor who helps the less fortunate girls from the Kenyan slums and rural areas realize their worth in society by helping them achieve their dreams of professionalism through playing golf at her academy.

Naliaka is the first lady to become a professional golf player in Kenya. She has represented the country in several parts of the world at different stages but has since retired and run her foundation.

How Did Rose Naliaka End Up Playing Golf?

How did the mother of five settle for the sport? Rose says she had no idea of the sport until she saw her workmate walk in on a vanity kit and when she heard it was a reward, she fell for it.

Rose began playing golf at the Kitale golf club in the early 80s. A few months after she began, a job offer from Nairobi came in and had to transfer to the city. At the city, she made sure that her house was not far off from a golf course such that she would leave work and refresh herself with the sport before ending her day. So, she secured herself a house that was near her workplace and also at a golf course.

Rose Naliaka golf

Rose Naliaka golf. Photo/SGA Security

It became a normal routine for her that from the office, she would pop in for late evening golf play and grow her skills in the sport. She eventually became so good at it and would participate in golf tournaments which made her rise to be the first lady to play golf professionally in Kenya.

She won several awards and specifically ten vanity cases that came in different colours. Naliaka became a champion and was honoured at starting professional golfing.

Does Rose Naliaka Mentor Her Community?

When she became a champion, she felt there was a need to give back to society by mentoring young girls on how to play golf. Her programme began and recruited girls precisely at eight years of age and through this, she produced the top female golfer.

Her main target was girls from the slums and rural areas as children from these areas are prone to so many negative activities in the area and as they say, educating one girl means securing a society.

In her programme, she produced a 12 years old girl who was selected to represent the national team and several others are among the 10 best golfers in Kenya.

Rose Naliaka

Rose Naliaka. Photo/SGA Security

Since the programme was founded in 2007, so many girls have benefited from this including Naomi Wafula and Mercy Nyanchama, known to be some of the top female golfers in Kenya.

What Motivated Rose into Mentoring?

Rose was brought up by her grandmother who took her to school and this motivated her to impart the knowledge she acquired to others. Rose’s upbringing was a tough one and she compares her background to that of the girls she mentors.

Naliaka says it has not been a walk in the park but three main things have kept her going. Discipline, time management and responsibility. She makes sure that those in the programme are always on track with their golf attire, and timing and are people who can be tomorrow’s leaders by showing them what responsibility entails.

Rose Naliaka’s Net Worth

Rose’s net worth is not known. However, we can say that she earned a good amount of net worth when she was playing golf as well as from her white-collar job, which she now uses to give back to society by mentoring young girls on showing them how to play golf and become professionals.

Naliaka Golf Academy

It is currently known as African Golf Programme, an initiative that was founded in 2007 by Rose Naliaka and uses golf to empower youths from less privileged areas. The initiative makes sure that the participants are offered course management, mental preparation and physical conditioning.

The academy has a team of great personnel with vast knowledge of the current circumstances that surround the learners and are thus able to handle them accordingly.

What is Naliaka’s Vision?

Her vision is to see the girl child empowered to be a professional regardless of where she comes from or her upbringing. She wants to see a future generation that can stand on its own.

My passion is capturing the untold journey of global athletes from humble beginnings to superstars in their own right.

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