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7 weird things Floyd Mayweather does with his money

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Floyd mayweather
Floyd Mayweather. Photo/Marketwatch
  • The American-born 50-0 boxer has a bigger reputation than him of how he handles and spends money
  • He only wears his innerwear once and discards it
  • Further, he wears a new shoe every day and gives it out the following day

He is splashy just as he is a strong-willed legendary boxer but how exactly does Floyd Mayweather spends his money?

The American-born 50-0 boxer has a bigger reputation than him of how he handles and spends money. Truth be told; for a man with a net worth of $460 million, you can’t expect any less from him.

Showbiz pundits argue that with the level of his success and successful investments that he made, he has a right to enjoy his hard-earned cash. For other quarters though, they feel that the 46-year-old is extremely extravagant. Regardless of these opinions, here is how Mayweather spends his money.


Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather. Photo/Pinterest

Mayweather has an expensive taste for cars and his driveway baffles everyone. He has over ten sleek cars at his Las Vegas mansion and many others at his Beverly Hills and Miami Homes.  All of his cars are identically colour-coded by city. Those in Vegas are white, while those in Miami are black.

If you ever wondered how Floyd Mayweather spends his money, there you have his first passion and addiction too.


Mayweather is not averagely rich but extremely wealthy. His charters a separate jet for his entourage which is exorbitantly expensive. In a recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Mayweather didn’t shy of the fact that he does this often.

Mayweather was answering inquiries about his personal finances when he revealed that when he travels, he leases an extra private jet for his bodyguards because he is scared their weight will drag his Gulfstream V down.


There is a reason why they can him ‘Mr Money Bags’. Mayweather, like a modern-day Scrooge McDuck, enjoys carrying around wands of cash in leather bags.  He always has thousands of dollars on him while he is out doing business or having fun. He keeps roughly $60,000 on him for casual evenings and claims that he carries up to $1 million in a hockey bag if he decides to go deep.


You may consider sophisticated concierge service to be when the hotel desk guy upgrades us to a huge handicap suite. However, fancy concierge services for Mayweather entail a business combing the country for un-buyable courtside seats.

The retired American boxer used one such service to secure courtside seats for the 2013 NBA Finals. Mayweather requested three courtside seats for Game 7 of the Heat-Spurs Finals series from White Glove Entertainment, a premium concierge and lifestyle service. It should also be mentioned that he only allowed them 24 hours to locate the tickets. Yes, he inquired on the day of the game, June 20th.

He paid $25,000 for three courtside seats and also churned out $5,000 for an extra first-row seat. He paid a total of $80,000 catering for tickets in just a day. You now grasp how Floyd Mayweather spends his money.


Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers of all time. Photo/ Sporting News.

Imagine having over $200 million in one checking account. That’s Floyd Mayweather for you. He once confirmed as much to ESPN’s Tim Keown. Keown was doing pre-fight coverage with Mayweather’s crew when Mayweather pulled out a bank receipt indicating there was $123 million in his checking account. With his net worth, all ballooned up now, the account has a huge chunk of dollars.


Mayweather refuses to wash his pants or wear his sneakers a second time. They are a one-day affair thing. He applies them like a band-aid, having them for a moment and doing away with them when he is done. He spends not less than $6,000 per year on his innerwear, which he discards a day after wearing. He isn’t as wasteful with his shoes though; he will always leave them in his hotel room for the cleaning staff.


Mayweather’s personal barber is always in the picture. He always did this during his pre-fight promotional tours aboard his Gulf Stream jet. Needless to say, is that he always paid top dollar for these services.

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