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Ex-Arsenal player sleeping on the floor after divorce

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Emmanuel Eboue story
Emmanuel Eboue. Photo/Daily Post Nigeria
  • Emmanuel Eboue story of divorce is sad
  • He earned millions of dollars from football but has nothing to show for it
  • He has no car and he can’t afford Sky TV subscription

Achraf Hakimi’s divorce and transfer of wealth to his mother Sadia Mouth a few weeks back, ended in Emmanuel Eboue story of divorce and poverty resurfacing.

Hakimi, a Morocco international and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) player hit global headlines over his divorce with his estranged wife Hiba Abouk. Abouk filed a divorce and just as she demanded 50% of his wealth details emerged that everything is in his mother’s name.

While some consider this a smart move, Eboue, an ex-Arsenal player doesn’t have such an ending.


Emmanuel Eboue story is sad. For a man of his stature to contemplate suicide after going broke yet he earned millions of dollars at the peak of his career is devastating.

Eboue, a retired Ivorian defender, told the Mirror of his painful financial situation, blaming his divorce from his wife Aurelie. He said that he was so naïve that he let her handle his accounts and this naivety cost him in the end.

Emmanuel Eboue story

Emmanuel Eboue. Photo/Sky Sports

He opened up to the British news outlet that he lost a fortune during his divorce settlement with Aurelie. The court ordered him to give up his London home to his ex-wife failure to which he stared at forceful eviction. By so doing, this would leave him vagrant and it pushed him to thoughts of committing suicide.

Eboue and Aurelie resided in this house before the footballer purchased a mansion, which Aurelie put up for sale. These thoughts gave him only one ending to taking away his life.  He even appealed for spiritual intervention.

“I want God to help me. Only he can help take these thoughts from my mind,” the Mirror quotes him.

At the time, he was only waiting for eviction because he did not have money to pay a lawyer to fight for him again.

“I am in the house but I am scared. Because I don’t know what time the police will come. Sometimes I shut off the lights because I don’t want people to know that I am inside. I put everything behind the door. My own house. I suffered to buy my house but I am now scared,” he further stated.


Emmanuel Eboue story is that of a rich man who went broke. After the divorce, he couldn’t afford his Sky subscripton and he had to go to a club and watch his former club play.

Eboue earned millions of dollars at Arsenal and subsequently more than £1.5 million ($2 million) a year at Galatasaray in Turkey. However, he admits he was never given financial advice on how to manage is fortunes and this is why he left Aurelie to control his accounts.

It was a bad mistake that left him a pauper. He regrets making this decision and wonders why he was so naïve. The most painful thing is that all the money he worked so hard for doesn’t give him the comfort he wanted in life.

Emmanuel Eboue

Emmanuel Eboue. Photo/

He recalls earning over $8.5 million at Galatasaray each year and sending $7 million back to London to Aurelie.  In 2016, FIFA suspended Eboue from football for a year for failing to pay his former agent.

Eboue had a disagreement with his previous agent over unpaid monies prompting the agent to lodge a complaint with FIFA. FIFA concluded after an inquiry that Eboue should pay his agent which he failed to do and this led to his one-year ban.

On this incident, he blamed his advisors. In 2019, all his assets; including houses, cars, and money went to his wife. He now uses public transport back in London.

According to the Mirror, Eboue spends his time on Enfield property and at Yasmin Razak’s home who he refers to as a confidant. He frequently sleeps on the living room floor on a mattress and is nearly depressed whenever he sees Thierry Henry on TV.

The Ivorian feels ashamed of his situation and he feels bad that his peers are making it while he is languishing in poverty. Emmanuel Eboue story is extremely sad and Hakimi seemed all too aware about it.

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